On Palestine and many issues, I could repeat empty slogans and be popular with my natural crowd. I don’t and so many sadly hate me

But I think we all have a responsibility to think. and the Palestinian mvmnt needs thinking friends who tell the truth even when it’s not pretty
I could just hashtag #FreePalestine and long live BDS all the time. This form of political activity cost no one anything. It gives scholars in the rich world feel good about themselves — and it’s been an abysmal failure that has only helped the Israeli right and anti-Palestinians
It’s a gift from heaven for most ultra-Zionists. Just think about it for a second: what better than claiming that an international movement is attacking Israelis, ALL of them? This is the stuff that the nationalist right dreams of in every country!
But if those of us who’ve fought against occupation and for Palestinian rights are honest, we have to ask: what has been the result of the tactics used? And what tactics and strategies can actually work to achieve change?
Sadly that’s exactly what the far-left, especially in the west, is horrible at doing. It’s all about performance and non about the results.

End result?

Fervent activists graduate and become lawyers and forget the Palestinians.
The apartheid regulations continue and more settlements are built and the Israeli right is ever more victorious and the Palestinians are driven to more marginalization.

Friends have to shout this out! Because good friends speak the truth not just nod in agreement.
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