I receive question why I don't post Ganja photos.
1. Blood thirst butcher from Baku started this war, for weeks targeting #Karabakh civilian districts, killing dozens,w/ complete silence from many who talk abt Ganja now. We must remember who aggressor is & who is the defender
2. @ArmeniaMODTeam side denies allegations of targeting civilians, listing targets to be shot firstly. Not a single statement from them appeared to be false by now, unlike #Aliyev propaganda minister Hikmet, who is the champion in posting news, confirmed fake afterwards:
* https://twitter.com/517design/status/1313113128134205440
* https://twitter.com/517design/status/1313597910685188100
* https://twitter.com/517design/status/1314327091370962947 + many.
So I know who to trust here.
3. In case you don't trust Armenia statements here, know at least that long-range missiles that Karabakh possess, has actually hundreds meters precision, so
no deliberate targeting possible, unlike the super precise drones. So in case of #Karabakh civilians shelling by #Azerbaijan w/ drones, intentional targeting is confirmed.
4. Hikmet's claims, that Ganja is far from battlefield sounds like: We appointed area, where you live…
& attack you there, but you mustn't shot beyond the area you live. Civilians in #Karabakh, #Armenia villages are beyond battlefield, you dork, but you keep on shooting them.

4. Any human loss is a tragedy, no matter Armenian or Azeri. So stop this & return to peace talks.
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