1. If the GOP really thinks the families of the candidates should be an issue, then lets do it. Let's talk about the dozens of legal settlements, convictions against the company he says his kids run. Let's talk about the thousands of times Trump org has been sued.
2. Let's talk about the$25 million settlement of Trump University run by the Trump org. Let's talk about the kids being barred from running a charity in NY after stealing from cancer children and veterans. Let's get the all the documents from the Manhattan's DA investigation of
3. Ivanka and Don Jr. that mysteriously went away after people close to the investigation said there was enough to indict both of them for fraud. Let's talk about Jr. and Eric using the President in their marketing material to generate new deals even after saying they weren't
4. doing international deals anymore. Let's talk about why Eric spent 8 hours being deposed by NY authorities. Let's talk about Don Jr. taking the 5th in the Mueller investigation. Let's talk about Jr's connections to Russia and role in setting up the infamous Trump tower
5. meeting. Let's talk about Ivanka getting preferential treatment from the Chinese government in obtaining 23 trademarks from the communist government. Let's talk about Ivanka playing a senior role in WH policy with no experience. Let's talk about the day she violated the
6. Hatch act 8 times in one day. Let's talk about how she obtained her security clearance. Let's talk about how she uses a private server for government emails that may include classified material. Let's talk about Don Jr.s hunting trips on government expense. Let's talk about
7. tens of millions of dollars of government spent protecting them as they live their lavish lifestyle. Let's talk about the sweetheart deal Ivanka and Jared got from a foreign businssman on their house --the guy has business before the US government. Let's talk about Don Jr's
8. multiple affairs before finally settling on a Fox News personality as a mistress. Let's talk about the impact that had on his kids. Let's talk about what a supportive Dad they all had through these times. Let's really talk about the motherlode, or the brother in law lode.
9. Lets talk about the multiple times Jared lied on his clearance forms. Let's talk about how he actually got his clearance despite the entire intelligence community opposing it. Let's talked about what foreign government bailed him out from a disasterous NYC real estate
10. Let's talk about the $200 million Ivanka and Jared have made while working for the government. Let's talk about how Jared covered up for MBS on the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Let's talk about the weird relationship between @realDonaldTrump and his daughter. How
11. the used to go on Howard Stern and joke about how hot she was and what they'd do if they weren't related. Ivanka's giggle is priceless. Let's talk about the most corrupt family/crime organization to ever get anywhere near the White House. Really. Let's talk about. There's a
12. lot to discuss. Friends, let me know what i missed.
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