I have finally realized the main differences between my ideology and that of Canadian conservatives. Conservatives see poverty as a personal failure, I see it as a societal failure. They see crisis as an opportunity to blame, I see it as an opportunity for solution. #cdnpoli
Look no further than the @CPC_HQ response to #COVIDー19. Blame borders, blame WE, blame Trudeau, blame Dr. Tam, say that those who lost work are just looking to stay at home and get paid for nothing. The cure is worse than the virus. Play politics above all else. #cdnpoli
The rest of us are looking for each other to remain socially distant and wear masks, trust science. Erin O'Toole and the Conservatives are trying to remain relevant through negativity and attack instead of finding positive alternatives to Liberal policy. #cdnpoli #COVIDー19
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