The lack of cultural identity weighs heavily on the black psyche. For far too many their sense of self stems from trauma in the form of slavery, racism, police brutality, etc. Subsequently, black racial identity is determined by opposition to “white supremacy.”
“Fighting” white supremacy is the pinnacle of the black identity. Fighting is in quotations because fighting comes down to debate, lectures and complaints. We have no shortage of “race warriors.” We simply have a shortage of people with INDEPENDENT results.
The irony is the emphasis on our very real trauma has become political currency for others. Our pain is politicized and monetized. The lack of an organic cultural identity leaves us susceptible to ideological predators. Every few years “we” have a new name and new orientation.
I remember when we were called “Afro American” because of the Afro HAIRSTYLE we wore in the 60’s and 70’s. In the 80’s Jesse Jackson began referring to us as “African Americans” and the name stuck. Jackson is a high ranking Boule, meaning his treachery is unparalleled.
Jackson has also been caught in lies about his actions on the day of Dr. King’s death. The timing of the African American label was a lead up to the freedom of Nelson Mandela. Blacks in America took immense pride in Mandela. A figure most knew nothing about just 10yrs earlier.
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