1/3 Cricket began in Pakistan in 1947 Dec. In the last 73 years each Pakistan team had representation from Karachi/ Sind. This is the first time none has been included. Is it about erosion of cricket in Karachi or a paradigm shift of mindset. It should be a point of concern.
2/3 Karachi has been our strongest nursery alongside Punjab providing robust stock. Is this something to do with complete degradation of the game in the city/province or this be a case of deliberate negligence. Anyone trying to allege me of regionalism must be stupid.
3/3 it’s true since the 1990s our cricketing spread has seen South Punjab, the North including KPK, & cities like Sialkot/ Faisalabad a demographic change in terms of nurturing top talent. However it’s unbelievable Karachi has stopped producing Pakistan standard players? Sad.
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