Collection: 🧵on the state-encouraged #Armenophobia in #Azerbaijan.

TLDR: Armenophobia is the most prevailing national tradition in Azerbaijan; in fact, it forms the basis for the AZ national identity


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A small excerpt from the morning drill at an #Azerbaijani kindergarten/school. If this happened anywhere in the civilised west, they’d not only shut down the school, but also prosecute everyone for #childabuse.

But in AZ child abuse is the edu policy
Armenophobia confirmed by a primary source: “entire childhood spent watching Khojaly videos (read: images of dead and tortured bodies of children, most of which were debunked as images of other people’s genocides, incl. that of the Armenians — the irony)”
Below, a tiny collection of the art AZ kids are coerced to create. When watching these, there’s one thing you need to realise — these works were created by children who never, ever witnessed these scenes. Yet they have vivid “memories” of the events, as if they were there.

*just note how graphic these scenes are and let this sink in: no such footage exists showing Armenians butchering Azeris, i.e. everything these kids draw is the result of imagination running wild, created by systematically damaged vulnerable young brains
Here is a small collection of quotes by AZ government and representatives, collected by US diplomats in 2008.

Source:  (hearing US committee on foreign affairs, Caucasus frozen conflicts, serial no 110-200)
And some examples of how the average Azeri feels about Armenians
This isn’t all, it’s going to be a very very long thread as I will be adding more of that 👆 in the next few days.
AZywood kids
AZywood kids Part 2
This is AZywood kids for president

Arzu has a message for the ermeni terrorists and murderers who killed Azerbaijani children.

Another generation of self-victimized Azeris. How can you ever erase this indoctrination
This is some next level parenting.
And those so-called diplomats ask us to stop defending and live with ... that👇 happily ever after. Wtf
Like the leader, like his people.

State-level hate speech. Read the entire thread by Cavid translating one of Aliyev’s speeches.

Silently endorsed by EU and western “Caucasus experts” such as @Tom_deWaal.

Year 2020.

Ever heard Hitler give a speech?
AZywood kids production is being ramped up. Is there anyone who thinks this is OK? No wonder they all hate us, no wonder think they are victims of Armenian aggression. The grow up living in an alternate world
Hatred so profound that #Azerbaijan|i prominent figures such as the GCU affiliate
@DrAlakbarov calls for ethnic cleansing and cultural genocide

@CaledonianNews care to comment? And, btw is someone with a BA degree allowed to call himself a doctor “Dr”?🤔
Calls for a genocide by Azeri politicians, celebs and other prominent figures is the norm rather than the exception these days.

Facts about #Azerbaijan
While #Genocide Watch issues an alert, Aliyev’s rhetoric becomes more aggressive by day. He claims that both NK and Armenia proper are theirs; he then calls for liberation of all their lands. So how do you interpret “all” after this expansionist rhetoric?
If prominent figures don’t shy away from genocide rhetoric how far do you think “normal” people would go? Armenians all over social media receive horrible threats. It’s gut-wrenching. Imagine living next to these people.
This is what Azeri do when they *liberate their lands*

What do you think would happen if they got to the cities? Well, what’s the purpose of a cultural genocide?

Historical negationism — erasing all evidence of historical presence of Armenian people.
I was thinking, #Armenophobia doesn’t quite cover this deep-seated radical hatred towards Armenians. Since phobia stands for fear, I feel like it’s too passive and not hostile enough to describe this enmity. Maybe, anti-Armenianism is a more accurate term?
A reminder👇

How many Armenians can relate to this? How many of you, my friends, were brought up with the same feelings towards Azeris? How many of you had to leave the country to free yourselves from indoctrinated hatred? Serious question.
Another one from the same honest Azeri
I’ll leave this thread here. Turk/Azeri hate speech online is gut-wrenching
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