Pretty astonishing start to the inquiry this morning, as it emerges Peter Maddison of the TMO has just disclosed his diaries and workbooks covering the refurbishment, having previously kept them at his house and not mentioned them to the inquiry or police
They run to more than 300 pages in length and cover the period January 2013 to May 2017. Mr Maddison will be asked why he didn't mention them until he disclosed them through his solicitor on Friday at 16.40. Will necessitate a break this week for other parties to read

When Claire Williams from the TMO is asked about this, she reveals she "binned" her own note books relating to the refurbishment in May 2018 when she left the TMO. This is AFTER the fire and launch of inquiry + police investigation.
"Did you ever tell the Metropolitan Police you had destroyed evidence relevant to their investigation," asks Millett.

"No, I didn't, because it's not occurred to me. Today is the only time I have ever had a conversation about it."
This is a pretty extraordinary admission, both in what she has just admitted (destruction of evidence during inquiry and police investigation) and the completely blase way she openly admitted to it ("I was just clearing my desk")
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