Okay let's get things clear since I saw somethings on my TL. This thread might contain spoilers so read at your own risk. TharnType has been together for 7 years. You might think that nothing can break their bond but let me show you how it slowly came to that point +
First they both have grown up and started working. When you have professional lives you don't have time to spend with your partner, it does not mean the love reduces by any means but sometimes the time you spend together has to be compromised +
Secondly after spending 7 years together Tharn wanted to get married to Type but Type doesn't want to, this causes a tiny rift because naturally Tharn wonders that if they have been together for so long why can't they spend the rest of their lives together married +
Tharn feels confused, doesn't Type love him enough? Why doesn't Type want to get married to him? Whereas Type was just thinking about their families in real. This issue of theres goes on for some time because obviously a rejection of a proposal is pretty hurtful +
Thirdly when Tharn goes away, they don't communicate with each other. Fiat grows close to Type and when Type gets sick Tharn had to call and send Tar to look after Type +
Lastly they must have settled issues, but when Tharn comes back and sees Type for the first time the first thing he sees is Fiat kissing Type. All of those pent up frustrations from before will resurface +
A simple kiss did not create them to fall apart but continued additions to trust issues in their relationships that caused a rift in their relationship. They have been together for 7 years and they have literally swapped personalities +
While Type has become more sensible and understanding like how Tharn was before, Tharn has become hot tempered and loud just like how Type was before. These things happen in normal relationships, you adapt according to your partner +
I'm in no ways saying that some issues in tharntype are farfetched but in my opinion there has always been a buildup to these problems. I really love tharntype and I really love their characters, I feel like I can relate to them because they are so raw and real +
So give it a try, take sometime to understand each perspective, a mere teaser cannot say alot for the series. Be patient and let's see how the journey goes. (I have a feeling I'm going to get alot of bashing for this but I felt like I needed to say this for the characters I love)
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