ILAND but as you scroll it gets old

a short thread;
I recommend listening to Pluto Project the last part really fits in here or anything you prefer.
This is where it all started.
Start of the journey
Behind Selfies
Ot23 First Performance
After performances
Joke time during practices
Undying friendships
Deep talks
everyone's close to giving up their dream, but they always have each others back.
Eliminations a moment that no one knows who will not survive.
Very close top 9
Ot23 Reuniting again
Ot9 Final Performance
Final line up
Last ot23 Performance
- this is iland signing off
- until ot23 unites again.
be missing late nights on Friday crying because of iland :<
The laughs that we know would change to tears.
the struggle picking who to vote bcs you love all of them.
yeah do you also wonder how long has it been? it already had been 1 month since iland.
- end of thread
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