FG won't allow anarchy in Nigeria
- Lai Mohammed

We don't need a seer to tell us the intent of the FG: where the high handedness of security forces failed, sponsor thugs to cause mayhem and deaths - anarchy- and blame the peaceful protesters.
The intent and actions of the FG exemplify all that's wrong with governance in our country: the tone-deafness of power, lack of accountability of power-holders and recourse to war-war when jaw-jaw can resolve simple issues
FG never learns and there are doubts about it learning this time when its personages think they can crush the people's collective will through force and violence. Kolework.
It is sad that thugs, who are often at the short end of our justice system, suffer police brutality more, are the ones being used by the state to attack peaceful protesters. What an irony!
The objectives of sponsoring thugs to disrupt peaceful protests are two folds: 1) Inflict deaths and scare protesters from the streets; 2) Create an atmosphere of anarchy, sufficient enough for the security forces to move in and crush the protests.
Perhaps, the third:
3) Stand down the security forces and allow their sponsored thugs to finish what the security forces began last week. Here, the FG is half-cleverly masking its role to evade criminal culpability.
Still, it is the case of the hand of Esau but the voice of Jacob.
The thugs are doing the bidding of the FG.

With the increasing attacks on peaceful protesters, something must be done.
Can the protesters arm themselves?

No. They'll play into the hands of the FG.
The urgency of the now demands that we take #EndSars to the thugs. Let them know that the struggle is for their own long term protection from police brutality. Doing so may divide their ranks and invariably win some to #EndSars
Will it work? I can only draw from history. In 1993, IBB recruited thugs to stop march on the island. Since the closure of Carter Bridge at Apongbo was our strategic goal, we met them at the Idugaran the night before the June 12 struggle began
We told what the struggle was about and why they must protect citizens from police and army attacks, without looting and extortion.
It was these thugs that showed us the koro in which we out-manoeuvred the police on the Island. They closed Carter Bridge and held it
Folks, #Endsars mobilisation should be online and offline.
These thugs live among us, we should develop the strategy of getting them as the first-line protection of the protests.

Good morning from the sanctum sanctorum of the shrine
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