people seem mad about this but i think it's the right call?

destroying books bad. even racist ones. maybe even especially racist ones.
lol @visakanv's fb had a cached NLB post about book burning that they deleted during the gay-penguins book saga.

the cached link is also broken now but web.archive has it:
even suggestions to just restrict access more heavily than putting it in the adults section makes me feel 🥴

i'm probably a little over-sensitive about this.

years ago, someone wrote a fb post about how the research sections of the National Library were getting too crowded
uncles were reading their newspapers there and students were studying and how can dis be allow?? it's for research!!

iirc they suggested that access to the reference library sections should only be allowed to researchers with university passes or something like that.
as someone who's never been a university student, with a PSLE cert at best, who really fucking loves the archives...


so yeah, no. fuck restricting access.
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