“There’s nothing Hinduism about Onam and Mahabali”.
“There’s nothing Hinduism about Jalikattu”.
“There’s nothing Hinduism about Yoga”.
“Karva Chauth is misogynistic and regressive”.
“Ghunghat is regressive”.
“Holi means wastage of water”.
“Diwali signifies air pollution”.
“Durga Pooja is suppression of an OBC (Mahisasur) by upper caste Brahminical Devi”.
“Mahashivratri brings in wastage of milk”.
“Raksha Bandhan is absolute misogyny”.
“Kali is Goddess of goons”.
“Ganesh visarjan causes nuisance and water pollution”.

And now latest..
"There’s nothing Hinduism about Durga Pooja”.
It’s an all round attack on us. We are that turn of History where if we don’t stand up and speak against these anti Hindu bigots, our future generations will get to read about our heritage and festivals only in books.
Don’t ignore. Speak up. Expose their agenda.
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