Good Morning to all specially my fellow Muzlim men having multiple wives. Yes, now I’m in this elite league! I never thought it’d be such a fun to have four wives. Salma is filling my hookah, Shabana cooking Biryani, Arfa massaging my legs & one name forgotten is performing mujra
The fourth wife performing Mujra on old Bollywood songs like Inhi Logon ne liya dupatta mera & Salame-e-Ishq meri jaan zara kabool kar lo & whose name I had forgotten came close when I offered her 2K currency notes & said “Janaab iss naacheez ka naam Nida hai, Nikaah kabool hai”
Just when I was having fun with all wives eating Biryani smoking Hookah, drinking desi watching Mujra, I was told by maid Rana that an old but dashing neighbour has come & he is looking very angry. That man just stormed in & slapped Rana & Nida screaming “Ye koi Ramdikhana hai”
Those asking if they can come and enjoy the feast & mujra by Nida & Afra sorry Arfa, you scoundrels, it’s a private affair, only my relatives, friends, neighbours, their friends, acquaintances are invited and are welcome to join me, not everyone
I’m a man of principles, by whatever name you may call Salma Shabana Arfa & Nida, dare not call them ‘Item’, I won’t tolerate it and you know what happens when I get angry. Last time one a man called Salma, Item, I got so angry so much angry that I had two extra drinks
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