the fact that y’all are so quick to believe an obviously edited as of tom felton’s dms is insane. he’s not a child groomer and many people have already proved that the pictures were fake.
also, why was the emoji a poc? Tom would never use the colored emoji and he doesn’t speak Gen Z slang and no one types x after every sentence like that
and, if it was a recent dm, why didn’t his pfp change????
you can clearly see the overlap here, she used an app to edit the texts. you all know Tom is suicidal and letting fake information out like this can be so damaging for his mental health.
please please please rt or signal boost idk im not familiar with twitter but this needs to be seen, pedophilia and child grooming accusations are no joke
ALSO THE GIRL WHO POSTED THE DMS HAVE NOW WENT PRIVATE!!!! just proves my point that she’s faked everything
more overlapping
the video of the pfps changing sizes
more proof of the fake dms. she used the eraser tool around the text.
since tom Felton is trending right now this thread needs to be seen. accusations like this can end someone career. i stand with @TomFelton and i know these rumors are fake.
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