Thank you for the love for My Mister @sebroche and of course, the amazing author @paulocoelho
This is my fav drama cause it's so raw n depicts reality. I've re-watched this series for a 2nd time, I still cry. But it gave me hope each time at the ending. @_IUofficial you did well~
He was a songwriter before.
"I had determined to write, but at that time, it was still impossible. My parents had said that, and for the moment they were right. So I started writing songs. I became a songwriter."
He was looking for joy despite living a good life.
- In 1982, Paulo Coelho was married and he had a good job. But he wasn't happy. He said to his wife: "We have everything that ppl dream of except joy. At least, I don't have joy."
He was a traveler, who decided to fulfill his dream of writing.
"So we set out to travel. It was during that time—I was 39 years old—that I decided I had a dream I could no longer live without fulfilling. It was killing me."
He was concerned bout hurting his wife and family when he decided to pursue his dream of writing.
"So I quit everything to write full-time. I had been worried about hurting my wife and my parents. But I realized that they wanted to see me happy."
And so, The Alchemist was published in 1988.

I enjoyed reading the interview cause it gave me more insight of the author, the man who wrote The Alchemist and who commended My Mister - @paulocoelho

It was an amazing interview!
Sharing some parts of the interview which encouraged me, touched my heart and left me feeling hopeful despite challenges coming my way ⤵️
@Oprah: But you know what? I think not everyone knows what their Personal Legend—their purpose, their calling—really is. People are always saying to me, "I don't know what I'm supposed to do with my life."

*I have pondered bout this too. But thinking lesser n lesser bout this.
@paulocoelho: They know. It's very difficult, to accept tht you know what you're supposed to do when you r not doing it. Because from the moment tht you know, you have to either leave a lot of things behind or live aware that you r not fully treasuring the miracle of being alive.
Words by @paulocoelho

"Every heart is fearful. A heart is like a flower, you know? It can be very brave, but it can be easily hurt."

"I've been defeated many times. And I fear a lot of things still. But the point is not to give up."
And to end this thread:

@paulocoelho - I realized that I fought for my dream. I did not take no for an answer. I wanted to be a writer, and I wrote. So I thought, If I die tomorrow, it's all okay.

Thank you sir, for your words, for your books, for commending My Mister.
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