A FRIENDLY REMINDER TO EVERYONE before we plunge into what just might be the most INSUFFERABLE two weeks of 2020 (maybe our lives).

1️⃣ Things won’t *~*~magically~*~* go back to normal when @JoeBiden becomes the 46th President of the United States of America.

Not after the election results come in.

Not when he is sworn in next year.

We (read: EVERYONE) will have to do the work in 2021 and beyond.
2️⃣ Our opponents have proven they will steal #SCOTUS seats, lie, cheat, and steal people’s basic rights to score political points against the American people/institutions/constitution.

We MUST remain vigilant and ensure we do not waver when challenges come up.
3️⃣ A truth & reconciliation task force must expose the lies of this Administration, outline steps to undo the damage, and find ways to reconcile the polarization that has divided our nation.

This also means barring dangerous actions (Miller, etc) from any source of power.
4️⃣ We will have to challenge our leaders (and ourselves) to think outside the traditional and conventional ways of campaigning/strategizing/winning to ensure we can make tangible gains.

This includes holding people accountable. Read that last part again.
5️⃣ We must (MUST) bring people outside the beltway with us — wherever we go post-Trump. Their stories, realities, and lives have been impacted under this Administration — which means they must be present during all phases of build back better.
FINALLY, for now, we must remember that change CAN HAPPEN in phases — as opposed to all or nothing bets that have not yielded tentpole wins for various movements.

We can live to fight another day, and that’s OK. It means putting points on the board to ultimately win the game.
In summary, #vote and #VoteEarly — don’t believe the crap the other side tells you.

It only seems so dark right now, because we've almost reached the dawn.
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