I have no control over the narrative that anyone else constructs about what has evolved over the course of the past two years. I only can be as honest as I’m able with the community. There is much work for us all aggravated by these road bumps but we must move #onward.
Much that has happened behind the scenes I haven’t felt inclined to make public. Let me just say that nor negative articles about #ADOnwould have appeared if I didn’t have some folk in the media who trusted my belief in moment.
That said, I have no capacity to get JAM and Contreras to act fairly and was deeply disappointed to see her form an anti-ADOS group of “scholars” and Contreras do a hit piece.
I do wonder if JAM’s “scholars” are more upset by a perception that ADOS is anti immigrant than a perception that ADOS is pro-reparation.
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