Here is a Trump scandal so bad, even Fox News is talking about it. How DID @IvankaTrump get so many Chinese trademarks approved in the days after her dad’s first meeting with President Xi? #QuidProQuo #TrumpCrimeFamily
They made Jimmy Carter give up his peanut farm.

Ivanka was awarded trademarks from China in 2017, 2018 and 2019 as her dad negotiated with Xi. Meanwhile US farmers fell into bankruptcy & US manufacturing entered a full year recession in 2019 ahead of the #TrumpCrash of 2020.
Trump himself has received hundreds of millions in loans from foreign powers, millions in direct business, and he and Ivanka have been gifted trademarks from China in the midst of trade discussions. All of this is a flagrant violation of the Constitution.
In April 2017, the Chinese government literally approved three trademarks for Ivanka the moment she sat down to dinner with President Xi. The #ComplicitGOP winked at this criminality & from that moment on the #TrumpCrimeFamily knew they had a greenlight for unlimited #corruption.
One of the trademarks Ivanka received from China was for voting machines. “Because nothing says a commitment to democracy like a Trump Voting Machine™.”
As I wrote in February, Putin‘s attacks on Biden are about “corruption“ because Trump and his grifter family have been exploiting the office of the presidency so rapaciously that the only way to inoculate them was to accuse the Bidens of the same thing. 
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