✨ what your favorite identity v character says about you!: the thread nobody needed ✨
(NOTE: this is meant to be taken as a joke)
👒 emma woods: the gardener 👒
- you’re wlw/nblw
- Parent Issues TM
- untreated trauma
- cottagecore
- you just wanted her to be happy
💉 emily dyer: the doctor 💉
- you’ve probably done something you’re not proud of
- you’re going to snap one day
- your main in overwatch was mercy
- her buff makes you feel unstoppable
- it’s all fun and games until you get hit after you just finished healing
💸 freddy riley: the lawyer 💸
- you made a timmy turner from fairly oddparents joke about him
- ... can i ask you why him?
- his map is how you remembered the maps of the game
- seriously why him
- your favorite skin of him is his bunny skin
💰 kreacher pierson: the thief 💰
- ....
- ....
- ....
- i seriously have nothing to say
- oh yea you probably ship freddy x kreacher bc enemies to lovers
🎉 servais le roy: the magician 🎉
- you’re either really mean or you’re a great kiter
- don’t you love it when you get terror shocked after using your wand? /s
- you spam provoke the emote a lot
- .... why?
- your favorite skin is either white beard or merlin
📕 kurt frank: the explorer 📕
- can you please stop hiding and decode
- going tiny to find pages makes you anxious
- you’re tired of the vore jokes or you make them
- we don’t talk about his lay down emote
- you probably used a page and accidentally popped the last cipher
🔪 naib subedar: the mercenary 🔪
- hello lgbt+ community
- you can either kite/rescue like a god or you get downed first
- your fave ship is probably nortnaib or naibeli
- your preferred fashion style is based on comfort
- you avoid getting close to people
🔫 martha behamfil: the coordinator 🔫
- you’re wlw/nblw
- you own/want nidhogg
- you make croissant hair jokes
- you probably shot way too early at the hunter and cried
- no gun emoji makes you so angry
🤖 tracy reznik: the mechanic 🤖
- you’re insecure but prefer to keep things to yourself
- every day you want to punch netease for her nerf
- you have an interest that nobody else really likes
- go to bed holy shit
- your favorite danganronpa character was chihiro or chiaki
🏈 william ellis: the forward 🏈
- hello lgbt+ community
- big titty, yes please
- you’re sick and tired of everyone whitewashing him
- you either love or hate locomotive
- you give the best hugs ever
👁 helena adams: the mind’s eye 👁
- you were used before
- you want to punch netease for taking away her cane buff
- you love the cake skins so much
- you’re either the first one found and have to kite the entire game or you never get found
- you’re a bookworm
❓ lucky guy ❓
- you really love twinkish characters
- you’re either new to the game or you’re too scared to use anyone else
- stageplay lucky guy made you fall in love
- you listen to jack stauber
- you’re in gacha hell with no escape
🎀 vera nair: the perfumer 🎀
- chloe who?
- you either love or hate madame coral
- marina and the diamonds is your go to depression music
- your favorite hunter is probably joseph or mary
- oh the pain of when you want to perfume bUT YOU CANT
✨ kevin ayuso: the cowboy ✨
- you’re a simp and flirt with the hunters pre-match
- you love almost all the characters
- you pretend his in-store A skin doesn’t exist
- you quote tiktok/vines a lot
- his nerf makes you want to cry a little.... a lot.... right now
💫 fiona gilman: the priestess 💫
- you’re wlw/nblw
- you love all of her skins
- witch tiktok
- did you read harry potter as a kid?
- you listen to mitski
🩰 margaretha zelle: the female dancer 🩰
- you had bad relationships in the past
- sanrio aesthetic perhaps?
- you either relate to her backstory or it made you cry
- you will punch anyone who says she burnt down the circus
- you’re a cosplayer
🔮 eli clark: the seer 🔮
- you’re head over heels for your s/o or crush
- you make sappy playlists
- you were considered the “weird kid” when you were younger
- you go “GRRR BARK BARK”
- you have a comfort animal
⚰️ aesop carl: the embalmer ⚰️
- your favorite ship is either joscarl or elisop
- the fact that he has no A skin hurts
- you’re not good at making friends
- you’ve done some things you aren’t proud of
- you’re extremely passionate about what you love
🧲 norton campbell: the prospector 🧲
- you will, in fact, eat the rich
- you throw magnets after rescues don’t you?
- you ignore the cannibal theory
- you just KNOW he’s buff and has big boobs
- your favorite band is mother mother
💀 patricia dorval: the enchantress 💀
- your favorite hobby is bullying the hunter
- your favorite ship is fiopat
- you’re sick and tired of everyone whitewashing her
- did you get maroon crystal or are you normal?
- sometimes you wanna go nuts
🍎 murro: the wildling 🍎
- your favorite gravity falls character was either grunkle stan or ford
- you named his boar!
- you wish he got more love
- his backstory makes you sob
- you want him to be your grandpa
🤹‍♀️ mike morton: the acrobat 🤹‍♀️
- admit it, you stared at his boobies at least once
- you wish he didn’t have such ugly skins
- did you by any chance like or kin kokichi ouma?
- you put on a front
- you use >:3
🌊 jose baden: the first officer 🌊
- hello lgbt+ community
- big titty, yes please
- you don’t have good coping mechanisms
- you watched pirates of the caribbean
- you probably ship kevjose or josjose (i think that’s the ship name)
🍻 demi bourbon: the barmaid 🍻
- you’re wlw/nblw
- do you listen to girl in red?
- you’re the big sister/mom of your friend group
- you tend to bottle up your feelings
💌 victor grantz: the postman 💌
- you talk to animals
- you’re either soft spoken or selectively mute
- you always try to help your friends
- you adore luca and andrew with all your heart
- you think his outfit looks like he works at mcdonald’s
⏳ andrew kreiss: the gravekeeper ⌛️
- you keep to yourself a lot
- you’re scared of people
- you haven’t had the best relationships before
- you’re goth/punk
- you can get pretty emotional sometimes
⛓ luca balsa: the “prisoner”
- hello lgbt+ community
- you either make or hate rat jokes about him
- his little fang drives you kookoo for cocoa puffs
- you either love or hate 100 gecs
- you scream when you kite
CW: BUGS !!!

🦋 melly plinny: the entomologist 🦋
- your favorite danganronpa character was gonta gokuhara
- you’ve seen the bee movie at least twice
- you went 😘 when you saw her face
- you’re very passionate
- you might be a tad bit sadistic
🎨 edgar valden: the painter 🎨
(ft. crunchy png)
- you bully people a lot
- did you spend a shit ton of money to get this twink or are you normal?
- you’re an art kid
- you want to be evil, but if someone is mean to you, you’ll start crying
🔥 leo beck: hell ember 🔥
- you’re either new to the game or you just really want to cause problems
- you love dilfs
- emma is one of your faves!
- bear hugs
- you were used before and now you want revenge
🤡 joker: smiley face 🤡
- you have an unrequited love
- clowncore, scenecore, or kidcore
- you probably ship him with female dancer
- you have a thirst for revenge
- you were the class clown of your class
🎩 jack: the ripper 🎩
- his humming makes you relax
- you’re into true crime
- you can be obsessive with people
- you want his edward scissorhands skin so so bad
- you enjoy going friendly hunter quite a bit
🦌 bane perez: gamekeeper 🦌
- you love animals and you have more than one favorite
- you want to strangle people who hunt for sport and post it on social media
- we don’t talk about his backstory
- you’re actually a big softie
- his hook makes you want to cry

🕷 violetta: soul weaver 🕷
- you have pet names for a lot of your friends
- you tend to be misunderstood a lot
- you love to hold people
- you enjoy sewing
- her laughter makes your heart melt
👹 michiko: geisha 👹
- you enjoy japanese culture
- her humming makes you soft
- her buff made you so happy
- you’re a very affectionate person
- all you want is for someone to love and accept you
🐙 hastur: the feaster 🐙
- *points* monster fucker/kisser
- his chuckle after downing a survivor? makes you go 😳
- you either make or hate tentacle jokes
- you simply just want to cause chaos
- you’re probably a bit of a softie aren’t you?
🌂 xie bi’an & fan wujiu: wu chang 🌂
- hello lgbt+ community (especially if you’re mlm/nblm)
- their backstory.... SCREAMS
- you have someone who you would die for
- you’re very protective
- you’ve lost someone close to you
(either they died or they just left)
📸 joseph: the photographer 📸
- *squints* horny
- so... how do you feel about his new S skin?
- you either hate or make jokes about his age
- you simp or get simped for
- you have one big regret
⚡️ burke: mad eyes ⚡️
- do you guys even exist? where are you?
- you hc that he, luca, tracy, and guard no. 26 are all one big family
- you’re into technology
- you like to fix things
- you’re kind of everyone’s parental figure
🐍 yidhra: dream witch 🐍
- you cry every day over the junji ito collab
- you love scaring survivors
- going friendly is very chaotic with you
- her little ears make you go 🥺
- you’re very motherly
🪓 robbie white: axe boy 🪓
- i love you can we please be friends
- you have a fat sweet tooth
- you just want to protect him
- you love using emojis like this :3, :), :D
- you love his laughter, it makes your heart warm
🦎 luchino: evil reptilian 🦎
- *points* monster fucker/kisser
- 5 bucks you stared at his boobs
- your hunter matches are just you kind of going nuts
- you love reptiles so much! what’s your fave?
- did you buy mini luchino on the first day?
🩸 mary: bloody queen 🩸
- hello woman kisser
- the belladonna music video makes you wanna boogie
- you enjoy her humming
- you go 🥺 whenever you see last dance, bloodbath, or belladonna
- you probably ship michimary
🐧 bonbon: guard no. 26 🐧
- you’re either a furry or a furry in denial
- you spam bombs in front of chairs
- you probably watched happy feet
- you also like burke
- you love penguins
🐱 ann: the “disciple” 🐱
- you want to kick netease for how much she keeps getting robbed
- you’re a cat person
- you believe in a god
- you love horror movies
- people have wronged you many times before
🎻 antonio: violinist 🎻
- you’re a music kid
- remember when everyone thought his name was panini?
- his humming makes you incredibly happy
- inferno sonata is one of your favorite hunter S skins
- you’ve been manipulated and used
⛏ galatea: sculptor ⛏
- her backstory hurts so much
- you’re very passionate about your hobbies
- you don’t have a good relationship with your father
- you talk to yourself or objects sometimes
- did you get checkmate or are you normal?
that’s the end of this thread!

i will visit this thread again once netease add more characters bc they just want me to suffer apparently /j

anyways have a lovely day everyone! 💕
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