In last election I stood on stage w/ @jhorgan when @bcndp released climate plan & endorsed & campaigned for @georgeheyman & @davideby. I will not endorse them this election. People are asking me why & if I will endorse @bcgreens. I have thought long & hard about it. 1/ #bcpoli
My endorsement @bcndp climate plan last election made Andrew Weaver angry at me (still won’t talk to me) which is ironic given his position now. I did it because we needed change in government. I vote & endorsing candidates that give us our best hope to fight climate change. 2/
This election is difficult & I have thought long & hard about it. Here are some of candidates I endorse & why. Top of the list are these green candidates who are so inspiring & have a good chance of winning @soniafurstenau, @adampolsen @nicole4mla #bcpoli 3/
I will also add endorsement of youth leader @harrison4nv because he is just so smart, courageous, persistent and inspiring. 4/
I am not endorsing a candidate in my own riding. @kumari_devyani is a climate scientist, fierce, articulate, impressive but I have known @david_eby for many years & have huge respect for him. I also think he is good for the @bcndp in the long run BUT 4/
I cannot endorse him because I am so angry with cabinet decisions like weak & disingenuous old growth “protection” (which so far has not protected old growth) & billions in subsidies to expand fracking & LNG (twice as much as was spent on implementing the whole climate plan)
However, I see hope @bcndp in many progressives running that could have impact on climate, old growth, indigenous rights.Including @nikisharma2 @bowinnma @tessicaT @katrinacburnaby @findonnelly @jenniferrice6 @amansinghndp @rickglumacndp @janet4burnaby @annesam_ndp @waynestetski
Best outcome in my opinion would be @bcndp minority w/ agreement @bcgreens & truly progressive & courageous @bcndp MLAs in Cabinet who prioritize climate, old growth, indigenous rights & won’t hand taxpayer cash to fracking & fracked LNG. Whatever you believe pls vote. #bcpoli
They say subtlety & complexity is lost in politics but every vote counts & I know there are others struggling & many who believe that we need to prioritize honesty & action in a world on fire & straining under ecological collapse. The next four years matter.
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