I‘ve gotten questions from family/friends wondering if they should vote in-person on Election Day instead of voting their mail ballot to ensure their vote is counted and reported on Election Night. The answer is NO- just vote your mail ballot and return it as early as possible!
In AZ, counties can signature-verify early ballots upon receipt & can start counting them 14 days before the election. The first batch of results uploaded on Election Night will include your mail ballot if the county gets it early enough to process/tabulate before Election Day.
In some states, officials are prohibited by law from counting any ballots until Election Day, so mail ballot results almost always get reported after Election Night in those states, but that’s not true in Arizona.
Dropping off your ballot early also gives you time to resolve any issues, e.g. if you forgot to sign the envelope or your signature doesn’t match what’s in your registration record.

Visit http://Arizona.Vote  or call your County Recorder or 1-877-THE-VOTE w/ any questions.
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