The Comprehensive Plan has 10 aspirational goals plus 13 game changing big ideas. Let’s start with the goals:

1. All Charlotte households will have access to essential amenities within a 10-minute walk, bike or transit by 2040.
2. Strive to increase the presence of middle density housing (duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, townhomes, accessory dwelling units and other small lot housing types) in all neighborhoods.

3. Ensure opportunities for residents of all incomes to access affordable housing.
4. Promote moderate to high intensity, compact, mixed use urban development along high performance transit lines and near separated shared-use paths or trails.

5. Provide safe and equitable mobility options...connecting all Charlotteans to each other, jobs, housing etc.
6. Charlotteans will live and work in safe and resilient neighborhoods that enable healthy and active lifestyles.

7. Charlotte will protect and enhanced surface water quality, tree canopy and natural areas with a variety of trees, plantings, green infrastructure...
8. Charlotteans will have opportunity for upward economic mobility through access to a diverse mix of jobs and careers that align with education and skills levels of residents and economic strength of our region.
9. Cultivate community-driven placemaking and identity, while limiting displacement and retaining essence of existing neighborhoods by intentionally direction redevelopment.
10. Align capital investments with the adopted growth strategy and ensure the benefit of public and private sector investments benefit all residents and limit public costs of accommodating growth.
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