Here’s the Trump campaign making a show of attacking the press, when aides often follow up and ask to speak off the record after this kind of thing to say it’s all tactics and a show:
Consider, for example, that some of the White House press corps who got COVID may well have been exposed to the virus by the president himself, coming to speak to reporters off the record on Air Force One, in between rallies where, among other things, he attacked reporters
This attack the press in public/then be solicitous of the press in private theme was part of the 2016 campaign, the White House, the 2020 campaign for Trump and top aides. Meanwhile, some reporters have had real threats to their safety from Trump supporters who take it seriously
The Trump account that tweeted out this snarky attack also this morning stretched to accuse @GovWhitmer—targeted by militia in terms mirroring Trump’s—of threatening Trump. Yes, that’s a meaning for 86. Can also mean there’s no more specials at the diner.
per White House pool reporter @samillertimes, outside a Trump event in California today, from people who don’t realize Trump & staff admit press hating is often a game to them:

Several men: "Fake news!"
An older woman sitting in a golf cart: "The lying press has arrived."
Here’s Trump campaign senior adviser @JasonMillerinDC in a text earlier saying that he didn’t approve of the Trump campaign tweet in its latest show of attacking the press for their own tactical reasons:
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