[The Success of Socialism in Bolivia]
As the next Bolivian election approaches, we cannot forget about Bolivian growth and the improvement of life under the Bolivian socialist experience. This thread will detail the experience, dividing it in 4 topics about the Plurinational. 🇧🇴
How did Bolivia achieve socialism?
It was through violent revolt, through the people's revolution. A fight of the Bolivian socialists and communists, the Bolivian people, fighting against imperialism that lead to the death of 100+ people, fighting for water and gas.
After the brutal suppression, Evo Morales managed to win the elections, which was an enormous victory. The poor and stagnated Bolivia, now united under one cause and changed itself into a plurinational state - with enormous victories for the natives. https://foreignpolicy.com/2019/11/22/evo-morales-departure-bolivia-indigenous-legacy/
Evo Morales was the first president, after his victory, to have enormous approval from all the working class, specially the minorities in Bolivia, bringing unity and prosperity to the indigenous, who now had voices in the government, jobs, etc.
Evo Morales also gave land and bread to his people, with a land reform that rose people out of hunger, giving them their own farms and taking it away from the landlords of the rural areas. The first president to complete it in years.
The Bolivian socialist experiment was an amazing economic success as well. It brought growth, prosperity and this Bolivarian revolution was the reverse of Venezuela's, it's economy grew by 400% and surpassed every other country. Socialism brought it out of stagnation.
Bolivia's poverty reduction program reduced it by 25% in the first term and in the second term by 43%. This counterpoints the argument that ''Socialism causes poverty'', when it exactly does the reverse, fighting it! Socialism works again in Bolivia.
Upon Morales's election, Bolivia's illiteracy rate was at 16%, the highest in South America. After his literacy program, that number dropped to 3.12% in 2015. This amazing program is similar to the one in Cuba, that greatly improved education for the poor. https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Illiteracy-Rate-Drops-to-Historic-Lows-in-Bolivia-20150617-0007.html
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