This is CBN HQ, Abuja. Protesters will be sleeping here while more will be joining tomorrow. There are provisions for tents, mobile charging spots, mobile toilets, WiFi, etc.

No one is resuming to work at CBN tomorrow. It is a public holiday for oppressors. #ENDSARS #OccupyAbuja
There are simultaneous occupations going on at Airport road, Nyanya-Mararaba expressway and other parts of town.

Citizens are rising up to their oppressors on their own. They need no "representatives" to tell them how to express grievances from years of state-sponsored terror
Our demands are quite simple:

1. Sack the IG of police.
2. Sack all commissioners of police in States where there was violence against Protesters
3. Arrest officers who have been identified as being killers of peaceful protesters.
4. Order the police to quit attacking Protesters
These things can be done within 48 hours. There is no need for a committee or a dialogue for this. Just ACT.

When these things are acted on, we can all start talking about dialogues for other wider and deeper reforms that the Nigerian police force needs. Until then, we march!
Of course we know we will be attacked by police or by Soldiers or thugs. We have that in mind, yet we are out here Protesting.

History will remember us for trying, for standing up to our oppressors. At least we tried and that in itself is an achievement.
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