Militia and "Boogaloo" activists assembled Saturday for a "Unity Rally" at Michigan State Capitol.

"Heed this warning politicians, magistrates, and officers of the law" one said. "You may get away with your tyranny for a time longer, but the day of reckoning rapidly approaches."
A lot of media showed up (all footage in thread by freelancer Lee Wingo for @N2Sreports).

One told media that "There's no reason for anyone out there to fear me with this," referring to his gun. "We're all people."

"Just because you put on a badge doesn't make you special."
Two #BlackLivesMatter activists who were invited to the rally to participate did show up, but felt like the militia/boog views "weren't in alignment with ours" but they were hoping to change minds.

"I just don't like the violence behind it or the militia part of it," one said.
One speaker asked the group to take a knee "for all the people who are languishing in American jails for victimless crimes, for all the people who have been killed in our streets by state agents [cops], by people suffering every day because of the power of governments worldwide."
"His name was George Floyd," said a boogalooer.

"Her name was Breonna Taylor. His name was Duncan Lemp. His name was Daniel Shaver. And his name was Eric Garner."

"Disproportionate use of force by state entities ended the lives of these and many other people."
Pro-gun activist @MAJTOURE / @blkgunsmattr pushed back against the idea that the rally participants are "racist" or "white supremacist."

"We want freedom, we want peace, we want freedom of opportunity," Maj said.

Here's Maj's full speech:
Some context: This was the original flier describing the rally's premise.

An organizer told me by phone that they tried to make contact with all the groups listed (BLM, Antifa, Boogaloo, Proud Boys, 3pers, NFAC) in some way.

Ultimately, rally was mostly boogaloo & III%er types.
Here is the full raw video summary of Saturday's militia rally in Michigan, filmed by Lee Wingo for @N2Sreports.

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