1. Be ready for the amplification of Russian directed propaganda. I've noticed that @Twitter appears to have new tools that allow it to act like @Facebook and YouTube in ways that assisted the 2016 #GRU attack. It's recent. Just in the past few days.
2. Imagine you're shopping for a new car. You go online to look at car makes and models and you're narrowing your searches to a single car model. For example, you decide the car you want is a Toyota Camry. If you allow cookies and other trackers, your decision making has
3. been under surveillance. As you're planning your day you decide you will contact the dealer to buy the new Camry. Suddenly your social media accounts are flooded with content that show that Camry is a death trap. Worst car ever. All false but all directed at you as you're
4. about to make your purchase. Do you think that might cause you to think twice? In 2016, the GRU got the data on voters in the key precincts in MN, WI, MI and PA that allowed them to identify @TheDemocrats who were high frequency voters. They used tools to find them online and
5. identified the ones who were undecided. They turned those accounts over to boiler rooms of trolls & sock puppets to prepare the attack right before the election. It worked. It's the same way we are herded to buy products but in the hands of an hostile force it caused us to
6. give up our right to pick our leaders free of foreign control. In the next two weeks you will see the work of these Kremlin directed influencers. There will be propaganda that attacks Joe Biden in outrageous falsehoods that many people will know is false and ignore. But as we
7. learned it only takes a small percentage of movable voters to impact the race. If you're on @Facebook or YouTube you have given up your privacy & you're primed for an enemy attack. IMO Facebook is a Kremlin influenced platform. It sucks the privacy out of your life and feeds
8. back political poison. When the Democrats have control of the DOD we will be able to prove that Facebook is Kremlin direct action operation. For now, don't go near it. If you use it for business or some other reason, be aware you are under Russian surveillance.
9. Don't trust anything you get from Facebook related to the election. And for @Twitter, it has been free from much of this form of advertising privacy abuse. If Twitter thinks its business model should become more like a platform like Facebook, they may want to rethink that.
10. As for YouTube, the Google decision to not book any political ads after November 3rd evidences for me that they know that their site will be used for seditious acts if and when Trump loses. They should be tracking the evolution of the attack as it evolves and be ready and
11. willing to pull the plug. This is cyber war. It is an attack by an enemy force. IMO Americans who assist them are engaged in levying war on the USA. They should expect that they will be exposed and face justice.
12. You're preparing to board a ship to sail to Normandy to storm the beaches. Stay alert. Question strangers who seek to deter you. Or better yet, avoid them altogether. 16 days to election day. #ThisIsNotADrill
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