This is a thread containing everything I know about #SARSCoV2 #COVID19. I will try to use language that people without a degree in any sort of biology can understand. I'm not a doctor, and I don't have a PhD. I just have a BA from @pomonacollege in molecular biology. 🦠
I'm going to build this thread like pieces of a puzzle. This way I can add to each section pieces of the puzzles as I discover them, and each piece will be in the right section if you want to learn everything about one aspect of #SARCoV2 #COVID19.

Subthreads basically. 🔬🦠
This subthread is about #RedBloodCells, #SilentHypoxia, #Platelets, and #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 pathogenesis.

The risk for strokes in young people makes COVID-19 very dangerous even for young, healthy people. Take this virus seriously. It is very, very dangerous. 🦠☠️
This is the most important subthread for understanding #SARSCoV2 #COVID19. It's about #Furin and other #PCSKs and how they contribute to COVID-19 pathogenesis and pantropism.

Low potassium increases the efficiency of AT LEAST ONE non-canonical cut by furin.
This subthread is about #LLPCs ( #LongLivedPlasmaCells or #MemoryPlasmaCells). What do we know about how they are made? How do we make them? Why are they so important at fighting #SARSCoV2 #COVID19. Why are #IgD bearing B-cells important?
This subthread is about #COVID19AssociatedImmuneAmnesia and the urgency to bring awareness of #ImmuneAmnesia in survivors of COVID-19 to the forefront of #COVID19Sequelae discourse. Knowing is half the battle. #GIJoe 😉
This subthread is about #AntibodyDependentEnhancement ( #ADE) in #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 and how it creates unique challenges to creating lasting immunity and to just surviving #Lymphocytopenia caused by COVID-19 at all in the first place.

I am PRO-vaccine by the way. 👍🏼💉
This subthread is about how to prepare the world for the age of biological weapons. #SARSCoV2 might be natural. It might be a womanmade biological weapon. It doesn't matter.

The age of biological weapons made by computer modeling has arrived, and the world needs to be ready.
This subthread is about #MonoclonalAntibodies and how #AntiVenom (the CORRECT neutralizing antibody that bridges two #SARSCoV2 spike protein subunits and keeps the entire spike protein in the closed position) is the world's best hope at returning to normal.
This subthread is about #VaccineEfficacy and #VaccineSafety when making a vaccine against a virus that has #AntibodyDependentEnhancement capabilities. And it is about the ethical issues with releasing a vaccine that will cause ADE knowingly because it will do more good than harm.
Someone I really care about doesn't like to hear me talk about COVID-19. She said that it was better not to know and that she was just not worried about the virus because it was not dangerous for someone young, healthy, and beautiful like her. This subthread is for her. ❤️
This subthread is dedicated to @mvankerkhove who recently pointed out the importance of taking care of your #MentalHealth during this #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 pandemic.

We can all be a little kinder to each other. Tell someone you care about them. Forgive them. Life is wonderful. 💞
This subthread is about #SARSCoV2 #ORFs (Open reading frame proteins) and #NSPs (Non-structural proteins). SAR-CoV-2 doesn't just have the ability to bypass the immune system from the outside of white blood cells. It bypasses the immune response from inside WBCs too.
This subthread is a resource listing all the scientists and doctors who know the most about how #SARSCoV2 works, how to treat #COVID19, and how best to diagnose COVID-19 in the absence of available resources.

The world will be stretched thin. We have to be ready.
This subthread is about treatment options and prophylaxis people can use at home if they suspect #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 exposure. Early treatment is absolutely essential for better outcomes, so sometimes you shouldn't wait for a positive RT-PCR test before starting treatment.
This subthread is about the geopolitical consequences of #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 and the important of not using COVID-19 as a political weapon. Living organisms are too unpredictable to reliably use as tools for geopolitical hegemony. It may come back to haunt you in the future.
I want dedicate this tweet to all the scientists doing basic research on EVERYTHING even obscure research that have seemingly nothing to do with virology or immunology. Sometimes, the tiniest, most obscure details buried in a paper written years before can lead to an epiphany.
I am adding this tweet from @RayDalio to remind myself that there is no time. If I have to stop and spend hours and hours trying to explain to every arrogant man everything I know about #SARSCoV2, I will have no time to do anything else. Saving time is essential for saving lives.
This subthread will revisit what "2nd generation" #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 vaccines are, and why we need them. Let's hope some good comes out of all of this suffering, and an entirely new way of making vaccines is born that is safer and can rapidly respond to any new bioweapons. 🦠
Yeah, the people I need to convince with this thread are not scientists. At this point, if you're a scientist and you don't already know everything I talk about in this thread, you are grossly incompetent. And it would just be a complete waste of my time to educate you.
The people I need to educate with this thread are @BillGates, @melindagates, @caroljsroth, and @RayDalio because they're the ones who can fund the 2nd generation #SARSCoV2 vaccines and the antibody treatments. That's how the world actually works.

I will keep this in mind.
It's important to remember that one of the foundations of science 🧬 is to keep an open mind. Arrogance and pride are enemies of science.

People can be wrong. We all make assumptions based on previous experiences without consciously thinking about it.

It is wise to be humble.
Above all else, do the work in the science library. That work is often more important than the work you do in the lab. Search for previous knowledge, no matter how obscure.

You never know when one little salient detail has escaped notice buried in a paper from the days of old.
My friend Diana said that I make too many assumptions without evidence. That is not good science.

She is right. I will build this thread and clearly note what is deduction, and what is backed by experimental evidence.
The thing is though... a lot of these things are extremely difficult to prove experimentally. And the world doesn't have a lot of time.

Some of these deductions follow extremely naturally.

But there is a reason why we do experiments to prove things.
I saw Chasing Mavericks this morning. I realize what I am afraid of and I want now.

I am afraid of being wrong. I'm afraid someone will take advice on something, and it won't work. And they die anyway. Or worse. I'm afraid that my advice killed them.
But I am more afraid of something else. I am afraid of ignorance. I'm afraid of people not taking the time I did and search through dozens and dozens of scientific papers to truly try and understand this virus.

I'm afraid that they'll have nothing to help them.
And I'm afraid of the people who truly know that I'm right (real scientists with PhDs) won't be able to warn the world early because they have their reputations to worry about, their careers.

This is thread is so they can have a voice. I can speak for them.
What I want is to save as many lives as possible. I want people to have informed consent when they take the vaccine by knowing the truth of what they are getting themselves into. No lies of omissions.
This subthread is about #TimeTravel. It's like the movie Interstellar (2014): If humanity is facing an existential threat and anyone from the future was going to time travel back in time to help us, now would be the time. And there are implications and consequences.
This subthread is about #TCellExhaustion and #Porphyrin and their roles or possible roles in #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 pathogenesis.
This subthread is about jerry-rigging a way to make LLPCs (long-lived plasma cells or memory plasma cells) against #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 with the Gardasil-9 vaccine. Timing of WHEN to give someone the Gardasil-9 vaccine is crucial. It's a very, VERY long shot, but it's all we got.
This subthread is about #Subtilisin, #Nattokinase, and #SARSCoV2 #SpikePriming. One of the places that LLPCs (long-lived plasma cells) are made is in the intestines. Sustained #LongCovid in your intestines might induce a NATURAL LLPC response against COVID-19. Might...
This subthread is about #PCSK7, proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 7, and its sister protein #PCSK6 and their roles in #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 pathogenesis and defense.

This gene 🧬 that is so ancient that we share with fish is of particular importance to future pandemics.
There are typos in this thread. As much as I tried to avoid them, they are still there. They should be easy to figure out though. A missing word usually. Often, very intelligent people think faster than they type, so they miss a word because they think they typed it already.
This tweet gives anyone permission to quote tweet anything in this thread and include any the subthreads in their own threads about #SARSCoV2. All the information here is public for a reason: to spread knowledge and end ignorance.

I don't need any credit at all. None.
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