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Yoongi walks through the long halls of the museum that are decorated with framed expensive pieces of art from all over the world, he stares at them and reads the golden panel underneath “hold me tight” it says
—he wonders what it could mean, after all it is just a painting of the mountains. He gives it a final glance before he moves onto the next piece.
Namjoon takes a few pictures of some of his favorites from that artist and catches up to yoongi, “ah hyung, slow down, will you?”
Yoongi just rolls his eyes before dragging the man along, “wait...wait hyung, this is my favorite photographer!” he exclaims before skipping to the respective corridor.
Yoongi sighs and follows along, watching his shoes making squeaky noises at the clean tiled floors.
“Look, look, hyung! He’s korean too!” he jumps as he points to a photograph of the artist, “his name is vante, or well that’s what he goes by, he’s so talented and good looking” namjoon says in awe.
Yoongi feels a pang in his chest and his mouth open, gaping at the picture, it’s in warm tones but oddly feels so cold, the man seems expressionless, but sadness fills his eyes.


Who’s that?
He only knows Kim taehyung, a young artist in the works, currently jobless but swears he’ll get one soon, very attractive and mature, but also super friendly when he feels like it. Deep, husky voice that sounds like warm nutella on a freshly toasted bread.
“Hyung? Why do you look like you saw your long lost cousin from some mysterious island?”
“That...artist, you speak of? He’s someone I met on tamil matrimony, we dated for a while, he fell in love with me, I rejected him.” yoongi says monotonously and stares at the picture one last time before making eye contact with namjoon.
Namjoon laughs before narrowing his eyes, he gives yoongi a death stare as he walks closer to the much smaller man, “you’re kidding, right? This is some kind of sick joke you’re telling me because you’re bored.”
Yoongi shakes his head, “wish it was” he sighs before looking up at the ceiling.

“Flashback ah?” namjoon dead pans.
“I met tae on tamil matrimony like 2 years back, he was this aspiring artist, who just finished college and was unemployed, basically vetti, I mean he did still make tons of art and he posted alot on social media, so that’s there.”
“After about 6-7 months, he told me he genuinely likes me, like he /fell/ for me, I won’t lie, he was starting to grow on me. I liked him too, but only liked.”

“So what was the problem?” namjoon butts in and yoongi sighs deeply.
“Work, how could we possibly be anything? I had tons of debts from starting my own studio and he was just a small artist in a huge company, I didn’t want to burden either of us, more than we already are.
—It would be too much, and if I told him that, that was the reason, he’d show me all these pretty dreams saying we could manage, that he’d pay for me and shit. I can’t have him do that.
—So I told him I didn’t like him, he didn’t believe me at first but I distanced myself and well here we are.”
Namjoon clicks his tongue, “ah hyung, what kind of angsty tamil movie is this? Do you want me to play po nee po?”

Yoongi smiles sadly, “ I’d prefer Mannipaaya”
“You’re right, suits better.”

Yoongi just nods as he whispers “Orunal sirithen marunal veruthen, Unainan kollamal kondru puthaithenae Mannipaaya ..mannipaaya
—Mannipaaya ..mannipaaya ..mannipaaya”
as he languishes at the beautifully captured picture, he feels the sorrow deeply achening in his heart.
“Varam kidaithum naan thavaraviten, Mannipaaya anbae” he sings to himself glancing wistfully upon the walls painted in warm colors.
"En kaadhal nee endru yaarukkum theriyaathe."
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