If these early voting numbers continue in Texas then it’s game over for Republicans. It’s a wrap. And you’ll have voters of color to thank.

Allow me to explain.
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Texas is home to:
• The Largest #Black population in US
• 2nd largest #AAPI population in US
• 2nd largest #Latinx population in US

Our team @JoltInitiative is watching the numbers. From Harris to Cameron County, our Latinx, AAPI & Black brothers and sisters are turning out across the state.

24% of all eligible voters in Harris County cast their ballots IN FOUR DAYS. 3/10 https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/fd908329d66f4902b1b5d339011c1311
. @GovAbbott limited vote by mail, tried intimidating us, and then there are these long-ass lines…but Texans are saying fuck suppression, they are voting and bringing the entire marching band with them 6/10
Harris County on Wednesday reported about 10,000 votes an hour. This is happening in the epicenter of partisan efforts to prevent us from voting. But we knew, so we organized. @JoltAction @TexRising @OrganizeTexas @TexasNAACPYC @aapivote 5/10 https://www.yahoo.com/video/10-000-early-votes-cast-220301495.html
For years news stories have referred to Latinx voters as the “sleeping giant.” Which is a racist trope. We’ve always been wide awake. @JoltInitiative is knocking on 2,000+ doors a day and getting our friends y toda la familia to the polls. #VotaConmigo 6/10
So, to recap!

Texas is home to:
• Largest #Black population in US
• 2nd largest #AAPI population in US
• 2nd largest #Latinx population in US

Imagine the power that we could have if we stand up for each other at the polls. #Elections2020 7/10
These Republicans have. That’s why they’ve tried everything in the books to suppress our vote. We just need to get our communities to imagine this power now. The entire country could be voting like Harris County. #Elections2020 #VotaConmigo 8/10 https://twitter.com/AntonioArellano/status/1309604972003196931?s=20
What we POC need to realize is that we are being oppressed by the same systems and we need to activate ourselves and work as a unit. Individually we are powerful, together we are unstoppable. Start today. 9/10 http://Jolttx.org/vote 
What's happening in Texas is historic. It's a movement! Be part of it. Help us keep shattering these records. Go vote and bring your friends, bring your tios, tias, y primos. 10/10

#USATuVoz #Elections2020 #JoltForChange
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