On this occasion of Navratri, I want to share something with you which is very important for you to know. I want to tell you about "cultural marxism".
Have you noticed how leftists do certain strategic things during Hindu festivals to make you perceive your own festivals in
2)a derogatory manner and make you apologetic and ashamed of your own culture and traditions?
This happens every year.
Starting with Navratri. During Navratri, many people upload pictures of Maa Durga with wounds and injuries on her face and a sad expression, and talk about
3)domestic violence&rape. They call MaaDurga worshippers hypocrites.These so called liberals do this as if they were waiting for Navratri the whole year to do this. Otherwise, they don't care much about the problems women go through. Such posts are reserved specially for Navratr
4)Second comes Dussehra. Leftists glorify Ravan that he didn't do anything to Sita. But they don't tell you that For raping his fiancee Rambha, Nal Kuber cursed Ravana to burn to ashes the moment he'll force himself on a woman sexually against her wishes.
5)On Diwali,these propagandists come up with the excuse that the oil used to lit Diyas could fuel a poor's lamp.
On Holi, they spread the lie that Holika was a Dalit woman. But they won't tell you that she wasn't a Dalit or a tribal. She was brahmin and misused her power & was
6)burnt due to that.
Many non-religious incidents are also deliberately linked with religion to target the Sanatan Dharma
For example, some time ago, a pregnant elephant died in Kerala.Initial media reports said that the elephant died due to a pineapple stuffed with fire crackers
7)Then sketch of Lord Ganesha being offered a pineapple in which Ganesh is saying 'no', were circulated
Rudra Hanuman sketch has also been linked with terrorism and radicalization.
This is part of cultural marxism to make u apologetic and ashamed of ur own culture and traditions.
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