Day 214: 7 month anniversary

I don't recognize my life anymore. I'm stuck in a painful, claustrophobic routine in which my dreams are shattered everyday in a 7monthslong nightmare
I can't believe what I've been through, I can't believe it's not over yet. Surviving isn't living
Woke up depressed bc "life is so unfair, why me, I can't see the end, what am I gonna do..." but I never let myself moan for too long. So, instead, Here's a thread with a list of things #longhaulers can do when feeling down. If you have any other ideas please let me know 1/
1 - Pet/play with an animal or 10' cat-video therapy
2 - Make a cup of tea/coffe & make it last.
3 - Do something for someone else. E.g. buy sb a gift "just bc"
4 - When was the last time you had a bath? Go get one
5 - Eat or drink something you really like & make it last 2/
6 - Make a list of things you will do when (or as..) you recover
7 - Watch your favorite movie from your childhood
8 - Stretch/exercise. Yes you can! even if you're bedbound:
9 - Put on your favorite music from when you were a teenager & sing loudly 3/
10 - Read a book or write one. If you can't: write a blog!
11 - Throw yourself into a creative project. Paint, draw, clay molding... I'd 100% recommend Epoxy Resin! I took it up during these 7 months because it's highly entertaining & it's easy & effortless to do. Look it up! 4/
12 - Cook something special if you have energy. Make bread, pancakes, get creative.
13 - Remember those 20000 pictures you have stored in your computer? Now it's perfect timing to get them in order and send some to print!
14 - Christmas shopping on Amazon. Go big this year! 😅 5/
15 - If you need painless/inspiring/funny/bright movies watch some good "oldies": Dirty Dancing, Grease, Playing by heart, French Kiss😍, Pretty woman, The Holiday, Under the Tuscan Sun or even Malefficient, Avatar! Or rewatch endless awesome series like GilmoreGirls, Friends 6/
16 - If you can't get rid of your pain, make the most of it &add some more: It's time to wax-torture yourself! (or shave your beard), change bedding, do the laundry, call that person you've been meaning to..
Something your future self will say "well, thank you, it feels nice" 7/
17 - Make a list of ALL the things you love about yourself and MAKE IT RIDICULOUSLY LOOONG. E.g: I love my empathy, how easy I always laugh at everything, I'm more generous than most people, etc. Yes you can, don't go whiny "I can't"... Practice self-loving. It feels nice. 8/
18 - Call your mom/friend/partner and ask them to tell you a story, an anecdote or how is their day. What they'd like for Christmas or how they met their first love.
19 - Flirt with some other Longhauler 😏 It's about time we create an APP for us the pain-loners. 9/
20 - Turn off all social media and electric stuff for the entire day. Then think "what could I do?" And do it.
21 - Watch motivational speeches, print&put on the walls motivational quotes
22 - Write "Hello beautiful" in the mirror. Tomorrow you will laugh at your morning face 10/
👉Please, if you have any more ideas they will be greatly appreciated!! 🙏🙌

I hope this thread helps you a little. Keep strong! 11/

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