CONNECT BTS wasn’t just “promo” it was bts trying to share with armys other arts formats that were linked to the essence of 7 while making fine art more accessible to younger generations and people who don’t have access to it. don’t dismiss it and cheapen it. pls.
also acting like MOTS7 didn’t receive full on promo is foolishness. we were in the middle of a pandemic and everything that was released was honestly all that could have been done at that time. it’s like you guys don’t realize that everything was planned and bam pandemic and-
artists were caught out of guard you just can’t magically adjust a whole schedule huh mostly not bh’s main priority was the tour and seeing if it will be happening or not.
btw just adding this here. but bts gained so much fans during the pandemic, u just have to look at their metrics. why? bc 7 had really great promo. just bc it was cut off short bc of the pandemic doesn’t mean it didn’t exist or it was “bad promo” like stop looking like clowns pls
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