Young people are about to learn a very important political lesson with this "voting for representatives" thing with Banky seriously trying to be the intermediary. Thread #EndSARS
People are yet to sense that there's a growing detachment between the online movement and street protests, so what happens when you're voted in as the representative and you instruct people to stop protesting and it doesn't stop, you burn your credibility overnight #EndSARS
Also, they said Lagos state need two people... This is where the problem comes in, some people are facing thugs and bullets on the mainland while others have had it relatively peaceful in Lekki. What happens when you vote in two from one side? One side feel aggrieved and continue
This is why despite how illogical it may seem to us, politicians go for zoning over meritocracy, one of the things we have to End in our generation with #EndSARS , but questions will inevitably be asked.
Of course, people have to think about and articulate the next phase, but this should be after the Government shows good faith. They haven't. I'll tell everyone new to this to be very careful of Government types. #EndSARS
The way Governance works, regardless of how this ends, there's a successful coup and young people have cornered some power and administration for themselves, but this can easily be lost in the post war recruitments. #EndSARS
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