Smartprice 23p baked beans have vanished from the store, there’s not even a Shelf Edge Label for them any more which implies they may be gone gone. I found a single bashed can at the back of the new own brand ones, which are 31p. That’s a 35% price hike, on baked beans, in a week
I’d noticed about 6 weeks ago that a LOT of Smartprice products had gone from the website, not even ‘out of stock’ but spirited away entirely, and mused that I think they’re running them down and out to get us used to higher prices ~now~ so that it doesn’t look so bad in January.
I’ll wait and see if it’s just the beans, or if my theory is correct.

6 or 7 years ago I did a full inventory of the Smartprice range for a job I was doing at the time. It was around 400 products. The latest inventory I did, a few weeks ago, there were around 120.
I’m heading back for Round Two of my weekly shop shortly, got £5.98 left (had a catnap on the couch!) and then will try to find the list I’d started of the Disappearing Smartprice Items. I’ve got a few things to finish writing first though so may not get around to it immediately!
Smartprice spaghetti hoops, were 13p, NOW DISAPPEARING.

Nearest equivalent is Asda Spaghetti Loops, 35p.

Price increase: 169%

This is a fucking outrage.
Just looked online quickly before heading back - and checked my notes. 2 weeks ago there were 138 Smartprice products available on Asda online groceries for my account.

Today there are 109.

8 of those are ‘Out Of Stock’.

This is happening FAST.
Off the top of my head - things disappearing seem to include:

Maize snacks
Jaffa cakes
All SP biscuits
Chicken noodles
Savoury rice
Curry sauce
Sweet and sour sauce
Dark chocolate
Milk chocolate
Mixed frozen veg
Washing up liquid
Stock cubes
Canned Spaghetti
Spaghetti hoops
Corned beef
Baked beans
Stewed steak

I’m walking back now and mental multitasking isn’t my greatest strength so I’ll pick this up when I get home again.
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