Hundreds mobilized in #SanFrancisco against a failed far-Right rally set to feature Proud Boys + attendees of the Unite the Right rally. Organizer claimed, "We have police protection...All we're going to be beating the living shit out of [those] trying to stop us."
Organized by far-Right activist and Trump supporter Philip Anderson, the rally was originally supposed to feature Proud Boy leaders Enrique Tarrio and Joe Biggs, Unite the Right marcher Black Rebel, Patriot Prayer associate Haley Adams from Portland, and many others.
Very quickly drama within the far-Right group began to show, as people began to drop out, and be replaced by others.
The so-called "SF Thought Criminal" (because what's more rebellious than supporting the government) was also outed as Daniel Goodwyn.
Many of the "speakers" claimed on social media that they were put on the flyer without their knowing and soon ducked out, only to be replaced by others. Former Berkeley College Republican Ashton Whitty and associate of various Alt-Right organizers was quick to exit stage left.
Here Philip Anderson calls a perspective speaker and rally participant with a direct Qanon reference in their name a "straight up liar." That didn't go over well.
Meanwhile, Anderson was much more cordial with individuals like "Zyklon Billy," a neo-Nazi who's name referenced the gas used to murder millions during the holocaust.
Those left coming to the rally included neo-Confederate activist, "Black Rebel," a historical revisionist who claims that slavery and the Confederacy weren't that bad and who also marched in Charlottesville at the neo-Nazi Unite the Right march.
Louis Huey, a Proud Boy leader from Colorado was also promoted as another attendee.
As the far-Right rally in #SanFrancisco drew closer however, it seems that Enrique Tarrio and Joe Biggs pulled out. Far-Right livestreamer and neo-fascist troll "Crowman" claimed on his livestream that the Proud Boys pulled out two days before the rally.
Bay area far-Right organizer Lindsay Grathwohl did however verify that members of the Proud Boys were in attendance at the rally doing security and attacked the rally as a total failure and a victory for antifascist and anti-racist groups in the bay area.
Since 2017, various groups on the far-Right, including neo-Nazis and white nationalists, have been using the pre-text of "Free Speech" rallies in the bay area as means to build a more cohesive, street fighting movement.
The successful antifascist mobilization in #SanFrancisco shows what happens when the community shows up in force to say no to fascists organizing in our communities. We keep us safe; the police keep the fascists safe.
UPDATE: CHUD drama continues.
Enrique has weighed in as well:
New video released from @berkeleyantifa shows Philip claiming that he is a #ProudBoys and was brought into the organization by Enrique Tarrio, the groups current leader.
Lastly a lot of this content and clips are pulled from @berkeleyantifa who has been doing amazing work for years exposing bay area fascists and the far-Right. Give them a follow!
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