1. My dear son, let me tell you your main advantage over my generation. You’re digital natives, we’re Neanderthals. There’s a digital divide, a middle wall of partition separating my generation from yours, to use a Pauline-speak. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
2. To build the future of Nigeria you have to bring digital tools and digital thinking to the game. It’s how Elon Musk changed the game in the car industry. He replaced the dashboard in the car with a tablet, brought Silicon Valley thinking to car manufacturing. #NigeriaNotes
3. Technology creates culture. Our political culture needs radical change. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
4. If you want to ferment a revolution in that space you’ve got to introduce revolutionary ideas - things deemed so far out they’re practically unachievable to some. Until they’re achieved. UAE sent an astronaut to the space station. Who’d have thought! #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
5. Imagine the radical transformation that will take place in our polity if Nigerians can vote by mobile phone. My generation will of course shoot down the idea. But that’s because they’ve perfected exploitation of the analogue system. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
6. Just think about it. Voting can be done in less than five minutes – one minute for registration, another minute to vote. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
7. Mobile penetration in Nigeria is 87% - 172m. Internet usage penetration is 56% - 112m. Active social media users is 24m. Total vote cast in the 2019 presidential election was 28,614,190. APC won with 15,191,847. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
8. Objections are predictable. How about the village people, some will ask? But these same “village people” receive wire transfers from their children overseas. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
9. To satisfy the opposition propose a two-tier system. Those who want to vote by phone should have the option. Those who want to queue for hours for “verification”, and then another hour for actual voting can elect to do so. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
10. What about rigging? The system can be hacked, some would object. But that’s a call for a robust security architecture not a call for abandonment of idea. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
11. And anyway, the analogue system we run is regularly hacked. Thugs snatch ballot boxes, burn votes, figures are changed at collating centers, wrong figures are announced. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
12. Whether we want to admit it or not the system we have empowers electoral fraud and disenfranchises a significant portion of the populace. There’s social intimidation. And when there’s widespread electoral fraud the people get tired of voting. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
13. What’s the point? Their votes will never count. And so the organized crime syndicate wins through sheer abdication of civic responsibility by the populace. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
14. One advantage of digital voting is, we can all track the results. And in real time. In much the same way we see Twitter counts - tweets, retweets, likes, responses. Why can’t we see election results in real time? #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
15. Once the ballot box leaves the voting booth power is effectively taken away from the people. And anything can happen between polling booth and collation center. This we’ve seen several times. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
16. There have been official announcements of election results where the number of votes exceeded registered voters. Yes, a technology platform can be hacked but that’s a function of a security protocol not doability. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
17. You have to have a possibility thinking mindset, bring your creativity to the game and insist things be done in a forward-looking manner. No law says we can’t leapfrog the West. Expect that objection too. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
18. Imagine what the nation will save from adopting a digital platform for elections. The 2019 election reputedly cost N69bn ($625m). The system is so expensive for parties. It favors the establishment. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
19. It has disqualified your generation from determining the choice despite being the majority. The barrier to entry for new political parties is too high. Businesses won’t support you unless there’s a likelihood of winning. And so good money goes to bad company. #NigeriaNotes
http://20.It ’s one of the reasons we’re stuck with two parties with interchangeable membership, like the efficacy of a witch’s curse. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
21. Change the rules of engagement. It can be done! Start by proposing a trial run in a bye-election so you can iron out the bugs. We must move forward. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
22. If you push for digital voting you stem corruption, electoral fraud, brigandage, loss of lives, democratize choice of candidates, save money… #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
23. You create a new culture, create new services and busines opportunities for your generation, create new skills, make life convenient for the average Nigerian, and most importantly you outsmart those who game the system. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
24. Your Dad, LA. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
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