Class ~ Privileged

First language ~ English

Religious Denomination ~108 Surya Namaskars for a washboard stomach, decolonised yoga, not having any of that Brahmanical patriarchy, whatever it is.

Definitely nothing to do with that Hindutva thingy.
Motto ~ #BLM
Please note B stands for Black. Not Brown.

Personal Statement ~ To miss the woods for the trees.

Opinion ~ Bloody plebs don't understand that their sentiments don’t matter & their opinion is worthless if we believe you cannot afford Tanishq jewellery.
*Hindutva bigots ! What would you know about a beautiful product & the artistry of a advert to match*

*So you didn’t burn the city. You didn’t destroy the store - though our channel tried to make you do it*

*You didn’t behead the .. I don’t know ... someone*
*We could ‘feel’ your toxicity rip through social media. And that, mind you, is just, just bar- baric !!

*Go drink your Gaumutra*!
Lexicon ~ Intersectionality of Interfaith

*Our idea of India is to call it an interfaith marriage but with a little name change here & there & the kids brought up in the interfaith, erm...Faith*
*So we in turn wrote mushy articles & tweets on our wonderful, all embracing in-laws which were dutifully forwarded by ‘atheists’...*

*Who cares about your ugly experiences? We don’t want to know.*

*Give us pretty, pretty.... always*
The Anatomy Of An Indian Liberal in LaLa Land
Class ~ Privileged

First language ~ English

Religious Denomination ~ Confused.

Mission Statement ~ We stand for the marginalised & the oppressed.

Personal Statement ~ My Daddy Matters.
Merit is discriminatory.
Opinion ~ Islam is in danger.
Those who don’t think so are Islamophobes.

Argument ~ Come on! Cartoons of the Prophet is UNacceptable ! He means more to them than their parents & their children.

*Ram is a myth*
Argument ~ This beheading has nothing to do with their Faith.

*But...every little pickpocket who turns out to be Hindu is because of Manusmriti, caste, RSS, Modi ...*

Argument ~Everyone has their own way of venting anger !

*IMO outraging on SM is the worst possible crime !*
Argument ~ They escaped all kinds of horror in their own countries but now this European plenty fullness & freedom all around is too much to handle.

*By the way, India is no place for Muslims*

*erm... where exactly is the right place ?*
*Hello ?!
Why no mushy stories or tweets on the subject ?

No unborn babies writing long winded articles on how such families are embracing, warm, harmonious, god fearing with erm... a sense of humour ?
No pretty pretty, why?*

*Think about it. Shubh Ratri 🙏🏼*
The Anatomy Of An Indian Liberal
Class ~ Privileged

First language ~ English

Religious Denomination ~ Will tell you tomorrow

Personal Statement ~ I support anything, anyone connected to the Mothership.

Opinion ~Dukaan Hamaari Hai.
So all is good.

Death of Democracy ?
*Naah !*

Fascism ?
*Where ?*
Rape of the constitution ?
*Lie back & enjoy it.*

Mission Statement ~ Chup.
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