#teamNaija are y’all up? Today is the day, #GetJollofed #cookoff . So on this thread I will give the ingredients and recipe for making Naija Jollof, pen and paper ready? HERE WE Go
Ingredients; canola oil, fresh tomatoes, tomato paste, onions, red bell peppers, scotch bonnet, rice, and meat of your choice, if chicken, remember the stock is important .
Spices you need; Maggi, salt, cayenne and black pepper, bay leaves, curry powder, garlic, ginger(optional) thyme
How to cook; heat some canola oil, throw in some chopped onions and allow the onion to cook for a bit, ps use medium heat. Add tomato paste, stir contantly for about ten mins
Blend your tomatoes(very important cuz y’all slice and dice here) blend with onions, red bell pepper until it is smooth. Pour the blended mixture into the pot and stir with the tomato paste.
Add all your spices EXCEPT salt and mix. Cover the pot and allow the tomato to fry in the oil, this should be done for about 20-30mins but stir to avoid it burning.
While tomato is frying, wash your long grain rice, get rid of as much starch as possible, it helps to avoid the rice sticking together when cooking.
Once the tomato is done frying, add your chicken stock ( if you using chicken) add salt for taste and mix. Now add your washed rice and a bit of water and mix together, reduce the heat and cover the pot
Allow the rice to cook for about 30mins, then open the pot,. And stir to make sure all the ingredients are together, cover and let it cook for another 10mins or until the rice has blended fully with the mixture
Your food is ready, make chicken or meat as you want, then make a side like coleslaw, sit back and enjoy your food! You are welcome! Now you know who to vote for 😂 #teamNaija #GetJollofed
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