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Corona Edition
1.) What 3 songs would describe your COVID mood?
2.) From the start of lock down to now what is one thing positive you’ve done for yourself?
3.) What food have you eaten more since Covid then you have before?
4.) Do you think there is a vaccine out there?
5.) (Fill In The Blank): “If Covid wouldn’t have never happened, I never would’ve seen ____________.”

6.) Have you been to a restaurant yet?
7.) Do you think making people work from home will impact how companies do business in the future?
8.) Do you have wipes or hand sanitizer in your car?
9.) Are you still wearing gloves?
10.) Why do you think other countries have gotten a hold of this and we are still declining?

(This is not a platform for your political views/opinions)
11.) How do you think that movie theaters can bounce back?
12.) Have you used Uber/LyFt since the pandemic started?
13.) Do you seriously think that 2021 is going to be better?
14.) Do you still have that $1,200.00 stimulus check?
15.) If 2021 isn’t any better are you still traveling?
16.) Are you in quarantine alone?
17.) Have you stocked up on anything since this pandemic started?
18.) How are your kids handling the pandemic?
19.) Have you traveled since the pandemic started?
20.) Do you think we will have a lot of Covid babies in 2021?
21.) Have you taken up something new since Covid started?
22.) (Fill In The Blank): “Since this pandemic started, I’ve stopped ____________.”

23.) Did you get furloughed due to Covid?
24.) Have you learned something new from this pandemic that you didn’t know before?
25.) Have you drunk more or smoked more during this pandemic?
26.) Which did you appreciate more during the pandemic?
27.) How do you plan on doing Thanksgiving and Christmas this year?
28.) Whats one thing you purchased during this pandemic Nat you had no business buying?
29.) Do you think we will ever get rid of Covid or just adjust to life with Rona around?
30.) Who do you tweet for?
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