Every single ecologist / conservation biologist should be absolutely disgusted with the ongoing colonial, white supremist attacks on Mi'kmaq assets and leadership in Canada; under some bullshit guise of 'agroecological / conservation concern'.
It's naught but plain attempts to intimidate First Nations into abandoning exercising their sovereign right to manage their land and maintain their own food security. Until this sort of settler-state bullshit is dismantled, conservation and ecology cannot succeed in its missions.
Ensuring the sovereign land rights of e.g. First Nations are respected is absolutely a primary concern in global change ecology. Fight for it like you do every other cry of 'listen to the science' so ardently. Ideally, more ardently and /more critically/.
Less important but worth stating, the lobster fishing of the Mi'kmaq is supported by science. Racists are claiming a false conservation banner to try and justify their violent acts of intimidation and sabotage. We cannot let that go unnoticed and unchallenged in our fields.
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