good God, this is such a trope. 90
PERCENT of the emissions attributed to these cos come from end use! as in: heating your house or gasing your car!
meaning: if you want to retain your lifestyle AND shut down fossil fuel corps, you better be looking for new ways to build your environment.
like how exactly are you expecting to drive your kids between your SHF and soccer practice.....without BP.
the 100 corps/71% emissions thing SHOULD be a call for radical redistribution of resources and reorganization of workplaces to rebuild society. it SPECIFICALLY cannot be "shut down Exxon and we're done" because you will die freezing and starving in your home.
broke: expecting oil & gas cos to cease all current operations, switch to renewables, and provide immediate alternatives

woke: reorganizing society to render their products largely obsolete

bespoke: seizing the means of production and doing both in tangent
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