hmmm ok more positivity!
starting off w/ some MAGNUS CHASE AND THE GODS OF ASGARD fanfic, the first of which has taken me a full hour to find again: if you let me try by lexie, a follow-up to the series and THOROUGHLY DELIGHTFUL , one of my all-time faves of any fandom
the above fic centers on magnus's quest to find Bragi the bard, is tonally consistant with riordan's entire ethos, and has SUCH a fucking delightful take on alex fierro (loml) and magnus chase (other loml)'s relationship
another magnus chase fic that i LOVED was road to the white house by plalligator, which takes the form of a fake news article about samirah al-abbas becoming president (yes, written dec 2016) - every time i read this fic i cry, bc of The Ideal(tm) 
3. Transfigurations by Resonant is a harry potter fic (h/d) which i first read circa 2004 or 2005, and it totally revolutionized my understanding of worldbuilding and what magic could be, and how far you can go from/improve upon source material: 
4. Clint Barton's Super Secret Sniper's Club by sara_holmes is a marvel ('verse nonspecific) clint/bucky fic with literally the best bar/drunk scene i've ever read in any fanfic anywhere  and great reflections on mental health and recovery
5. the Complications trilogy (flawedamythyst) is again Marvelverse (mash of 616 and mcu, slightly heavier on MCU), and is the first time i've read a soulmate au and didn't hate it on principle. clint/bucky with side steve/sam. gorgeous. 
6. sineala writes so much exquisite marvel fic that's so deeply rooted in comics canon i am... constantly dumbfounded. i'm trying to limit myself to one per author and it's almost impossible to pick one, but i GUESS it's this 616/noir steve/tony crossover 
7. Known Associates by thingswithwings is an MCU fic centering around a genderqueer poly steve rogers. deeply researched, truly lovely. 
8. Celestial Navigation by sabrecmc is a 200k MCU A/B/O fic where tony is forced to be bonded to steve, with lots of identity porn and hijinks and a slow unfolding of communication 
9. speaking of both a/b/o and genderqueer military-adjacent characters, I Know You're A Mistake I Won't Regret by lunacanislupis_22 (Hawaii Five-0, steve/danny) is THE definitive a/b/o fic for me. features a statusfluid steve mcgarrett and a "True Alpha" danny. beautiful, deft.
10. another h50 fic - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue See by JoeLawson features mershark Danny with FASCINATING worldbuilding along the lines of mershark physiology around the world 
11. a glee fic! you and her loathing this cruel world by thememoriesfire is one where kurt is the one who got quinn pregnant (they're both gay). features kurt/sam and quinn/rachel 
12. we all already know just how obsessed i am with The Bastard of Lotus Pier by aetataureate - a short little yu ziyuan-pov fic about how jiang cheng's father is actually wen zhuliu - bc i talk about it FREQUENTLY, but god i love it so much
13. i think everyone has probably read through a window softly by impossibletruths (mdzs modern au, wangxian) but i LOVE the whole flute/violin duet from a distance thing SO MUCH 
14. How to Conjugate a Relationship by liketheriver is a hawaii five-0 mcdanno casefic that has some of the best in-character banter i've read for them; the premise is tani finally tells steve he's been flirting with danny all along 
FUCK I KEEP FORGETTING LINKS. this is for 12 (the bastard of lotus pier)  cc @ExKage
15. Till the Sun Breaks Down by poetikat is a glee fic. back in glee fandom my fave trope was ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE and this was, i think, the pinnacle (AND it deals well w their ptsd). kurt, karofsky, and santana try to make it out and find somewhere safe 
16. HERDING CATS BY FORMERLYDF IS TOP 5 FAVE FICS OF ALL TIME!!! it is Home (2015) x Lilo and Stitch (2002) where Lilo and Stitch meet Tip and Oh and go on SPACE HIJINKS, lilo and tip are both capable intergalactic diplomats w CRUSHES 
17. another all-time fave is We're Gonna Need to Steal a Bigger Boat by Mizzy, a fic i DO talk about like once a month on here. this is the one where leverage stop sharknado. 
18. Shawn and Gus are Totally a Power Couple by Cassandra106 is a wip that'll probably never be finished, but what's there is perfect (reframes early s1 Psych scenes with the premise "everything is the same but shawn & gus have been married for 7 years") 
19. struggling to pick just one by @astronichter bc i love like all of astro's fics but for the moment i'm gonna go with little dipper - modern wlw wangxian piss kink on a train 
20. a compromising position by verity (mdzs) - the jiang cheng/lan jingyi anonymous qinghe cutsleeve hot spring fic of my DREAMS 
21. i first read care by @r_dee_r_r three times in one sitting on my PHONE (this is huge bc i hate reading fic on my phone) bc i couldn't put it down or stop. the entire series is achingly beautiful - modern wei ying comes back to life; life goes on 
22. thank u to the entire village who just helped me remember the title of This, You Protect by owlet - a bucky-centric MCU fic and the closest thing to steve/bucky i've ever liked (no shade, happy that other people like the ship, it's just not for me) 
23. also having a hard time narrowing down @JudiWench's fics to Just One but i thiiink i'm gonna go with busy and quiet, a scorching hot and achingly lovely modern wwx/wen qing fic 
24. My Zhiji's On Broadway by ScarlettStorm is a WHOLE delight. mdzs, wangxian modern cultivation au, wei ying babysits lan zhan while he's drunk 
25. i legit pulled over and read the last chapter of A Keen Rabbit Lover by @ericaceam on my chromebook using limited gas station wifi in a sheetz parking lot, because i Just Couldn't Wait the 2 hours it would take me to drive home and read it later 
(modern wlw wangxian, hijinks under misunderstanding "i like rabbits" a DELIGHTFUL read)
26. incest cw - you were there in some anonymous room by silver_queen is a justin/alex wizards of waverly place revolution/rebellion fic with one specific line that makes me burst into fucking tears LITERALLY every time i so much as think about it. 
27. oh my god. whatever. fuck this shit by lalejandra is NO LONGER ON THE INTERNET, i sob, (it is in a zip file on their website, there's a link here ) but it was, imo THE quintessential The OC ryan/summer fic
28. Thorn Among Lilies by meretricula is a circle of magic (tamora pierce) fic where briar keeps visting tris at lightsbridge and FLIRTING with her bc he is in love with her (i feel very good about my misbegotten briar/tris and daja/sandry endgame dreams) 
29. Baby Sitter's Club The Next Generation #6: Byron and the God of California by zelempa is a WHOLE delight. byron pike/jeff schafer from bsc, in high school now and navigating their feelings for each other along with getting bsc 2.0 off the ground 
30. We are Six by nope is a PERFECT 1k fic from yuletide 09 about Eloise from Eloise meeting Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes 
31. Billy Ray's Angels by irishmizzy is a DELIGHTFUL disney rpf duology where demi, selena, and miley are charlie's angels (billy ray is charlie). 
32. i remembered my pinboard login so prepare for EVEN MORE fics from 2012 & earlier. What We Did On Our Summer Vacation by hayseed42 is a life with derek fic (casey/derek) where they get trapped in a fairyland & have to figure their way back to our world
33. rpf incest cw. The Legacy We'll Leave Behind by nutkin is a fic where either joe or nick get demi pregnant (no one knows who) and is the fic that taught me about my huge massive interest in fic with both pregancy kink and comeplay 
34. something that's shimmering and white by cereal  is a disney rpf fic - d*vid henrie/selena - where they're all astronauts going (once more) to the moon
36. mithrigil & puella_nerdii wrote a hunger games series called the Finnickiad that isn't collected into an ao3 series, so i'll just link to Scylla and Charybdis, a heartbreaking entry of the broader thing from when finnick is annie's mentor in her games 
37. oh my god i can't decide which of val's fics to go with either they're all god-tier. possibly Maybe With Me, by threeturn. one direction RPF, niall/harry tourfic, val's take on niall is probably my favorite, & this specific fic is the pinnacle of that. 
38. i was exclusively in 1d fandom for like six years and i'm having such a hard time remembering ANY fics. one fave tho is I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark At A Crow by sunsetmog, a tomlinshaw fic with excellent piss kink and enemies-to-lovers slow-burn 
39. In Case You Should Ever Ask by @phnelt. mdzs, modern cultivators wangxian, where they have to go undercover at a fetish party. wei ying is involved in the scene, lan zhan is totally unfamiliar with it. i love this fic so fuckin much u have no idea. 
40. vamillepudding has been churning out the most delightful fluffy g-rated wangxian fics for a couple months now! Bet Your Heart is a DELIGHTFUL offering where wwx bets jc he can kiss zewu-jun by the end of the summer... enter lan wangji. 
41. jeyhawk's Always Knew You Were Magical has been read by literally everyone i think, and deservedly so! this modern cultivators fic where wwx doesn't know about cultivation & is cursed with self-harm unless he gets true love's kiss is so, so good (their other, genre-bending
mdzs fic is ALSO FANTASTIC and i wholeheartedly recommend it, curse my arbitrary self-imposed one fic per person limit)
42. copperbadge and scifigrl47's multiple-marvel-universes Foodieverse is SUCH a fun food industry romp. steve/tony at its center, but features focuses on pretty much everyone central to the avengers 
43. Fantasy Fiction by sanctuary-for-all is a very fun cute little hawaii five 0 fic where danny finds out (1) about fanfiction (2) that people are writing RPF about him and steve and that (3) his daughter is one of those people. 
44. interruptingsloth wrote my favorite rule 63 1d fic! slam slam oh hot damn (what part of poetry don't you understand?) is a DELIGHTFUL nonfamous au where louis tries to like poetry bc she has a crush on a v hot slam poet from uni poetry night (harry) 
45. Outwit, Outplay, Outlast is a 1d survivor AU where louis and harry are rob and amber, respectively. this fic.... is the reason i have since watched 30 extant seasons of survivor so far. 
46. [hashtag]bring1DtoTortall by sevenpoints is a delightful ziall fic set in tortall where zayn is a bazhir and they're both going for nighthood. this fic is probably the only time i begged the author for More at the end 
47. there are, relatively, a LOT of sentinel AUs among hawaii five-0 fic. Back to Back (They Faced Each Other) by harrycrewe is one of my faves 
48. the worldbuilding in @hyacinthsuns's This River Runs To You is so, so good (we all know this). i'm obsessed with the details of wei wuxian's curse-breaking and the internal mythology both (and the wangxian relationship progression is glorious) 
49. @ariskamalt's merpeople & eggs au series is world-changing. the mermating! the eggpreg! the delightful details about wei ying's and lan zhan's fishy features! this is tbh a go-to comfort read of mine, for when i need something both soothing and sexy 
50. in my humble onion, ao3 user cicer can do no wrong. walk my days on a wire, a fic with sub lwj where business rivals wangxian realize their love is mutual because of an accidental pregnancy kink discovery, is a particularly delightful offering 
51. seeing someone else mention beneath six layers of silk by darkredloveknot today reminded me just how much i love beneath six layers of silk by darkredloveknot. mdzs, wangxian, postcanon where lwj is hit with an honesty curse. 
52. Neither Can Floods Drown by lmnop, yes this is me, this is my fic, this is one of several where i took one direction & put them in rural appalachia southern gothic settings, this is the one where taylor swift is a v unsettling angel, i reread it often 
wasn't sure about including my own fic on a list of fave fics but i AM very proud of it and also i just had a 70 minute phone call with my mom where we spent 20 of those minutes coincidentally talking about activities you can do the county where the above fic is set
53. rpf incest cw. The Toungeless Caverns Of The Earth by annakovsky makes vampires scary and does so DELICIOUSLY. nick jonas stops being a popstar and becomes a hunter during the vampire apocalypse. his undead brother joe seems to be hunting him in turn. 
54. @traceyfic's This Is A Love Song (cql wangxian) is achingly gorgeous and scorching hot, an exploration of their evolving relationship both during- and post-canon 
55. Something Yet to Learn by glitterbombshell is another one basically everyone has read! i love this exploration of wwx's teaching methods of lil lan juniors so much & i love it as a setup for a longer exploration of wwx's & lqr's relationship even more 
56. @greenfionn's Errand of mercy is such an exhaustively delightful exploration of wwx and wen qing finding comfort (and kink) in each other in the burial mounds. phenomenal felching, phenomenal face-sitting, phenomenal relationship characterization 
57. love talk, a breeding kink pwp with SO MUCH delicious comeplay and felching by @lwjribbon where modern wangxian go from friends with benefits to barebacking and stumble into a relationship along the way, is a perennial fave 
58. @chiminycricket's Misdirection is a DELIGHTFUL juniors ot4 fic where they're modern cultivators who kiss a bunch. the relationship dev is exquisite; the interpretation of modern approaches to cultivation is top-notch 
(in general i think that modern cultuvation aus are one of my top favorite genres in this fandom, because i think it's SO COOL how people interpret and apply modern cultivation, the worldbuilding that goes in, how unique all of them are, etc.)
59. coming of age, coming alive by @n_a_r_i_e- sizhui's perspective of the current-timeline events in mdzs; the conversations he has with others about senior mo/wei, etc. i... love this fic. so, so much. 
60. back in glee fandom i was so, so taken by pezberry. Life or Something Like It by thedisassociation is a haunting rumination on the blurry line between life and death and undeath and ghosts and the stickiness of fate, friendship, and love 
61. another one from the 1d vaults - i love apocafic in general, and Apocalypse Song by waspabi is a great take on survival and muddling through and making the best of it. i love that there's an awareness of danger but a focus on improvement 
62. sealdog's The Terminus of Gravity is such an exquisite application of mdzs to space. the idea of lwj traveling the galaxy to receive wwx's transmission drops is haunting and i think of it often 
63. how do i love thee [ @fannish_liz's mpreg wangxian series]? let me count the ways: they are infinite, but include (among other things) the progression of the various relationships, the lovely sex, and uhhh [checks notes] literally everything else??? 
64. do you guys all remember the infamous bdsm/rape/slaveplay care bear fic "Slave Bear of Care-A-Lot" from yuletide 2005? anyone? no? anyway, no idea who wrote it, but this was baby's first shockfic and i randomly remember it every few months to this day 
65. oh my god. @raisedbyhyenas does body horror SO, SO WELL. i revisit drink from the river, where lan sizhui has plants growing inside him, often; it's exquisite and haunting 
66. Lost & Found by mariana_oconnor is a marvel (616 + mcu blend) fic where Clint Barton escapes the circus w/ a bag of stolen blood money & ends up in a weird little town with weird people (werewolves. they're all werewolves). clint/bucky, a whole delight 
67. do u ever sit on ur couch at 2:30 pm on a cold sunday afternoon sobbing about susan pevensie from the chronicles of narnia as u reread fic? do u want to? if so: @ejadelomax as a stunning collection of offerings, including "what susan forgot", here: 
68. i'm not typically interested in time traveler's wife fix-its, but Stay by Unforgotten is an exception. in this one, clare finds a way: 
69. ok enough heartbreaking offerings! All I want is always you by @feyburner is a fuckin scorching hot modern wlw wangxian where they have sex in a car. also, the emotion in here is EXQUISITE. i think often of the "fucking without awareness" bit 
70. @bee_off_main's yunmeng accords ( ) is demonstrably phenomenal! i think maybe i will never get over all the layers of the mushroom scene; it's a mastercraft example of implication and poignancy
71. i just said enough heartbreak but, to file into "sometimes fanfic recs from tvtropes are good, actually" bin, "Don't Write Their Eulogies" is a lovely World War Z missing scene-type fic. v consistent with the book style, and weaves it in hauntingly
72. another harry potter fic - Glass Half-Full by pir8fancier is a very difficult fic to read (it's about ron as an alcoholic post-canon, marriage to hermione falling apart; he ends up with pansy, also in recovery) but very deftly executed 
73. Letters and Lines by grrlpup is an exquisite Harriet The Spy/The Long Secret slice-of-life following Beth Ellen in her first year of college, and her maintenance of her friendship with Harriet 
74. my Actual otp (if we can just pick one) is aerin/luthe from robin mckinley's the hero and the crown. A Backdrop of Blue by anomalation beautifully considers aerin, and her grief, becoming an eldritch creature between THATC and the blue sword 
75. @sanlanglovemail's Strange Darling is a fic i come back to again and again - i love lwj sending the paperman down when he misses wwx, i love the imagery of lwj telling wwx "i am always sad," i love the aching throughline of yearning + grief + affection 
76. @bitterchord_'s wangxian tentacles/slime fic slip'n'slime is SO FUN and SO SEXY and SUCH A DELIGHT ALL-AROUND. my favorite part i think is the ebb and flow of the roleplay tho 
77. menswear's my last thoughts a fever dream is a gorgeous fic that packs a punch - an ender's game alt-ending where ender heals slowly on earth. the fic is val/petra & ender/alai but the focus is val learning the new shape of her relationship with ender 
78. Five Worlds In Which Keladry of Mindelan Did Not Become a Lady Knight by mistresscarlett is exactly what it says on the tin - a what-if fic where Irnai imagines other possible presents 
79. Mortal Kombat: Disney Princesses by jillbaby is uhhhh a yuletide fic where the Disney Princesses fight in mortal kombat & uh, kill each other until the surviving few (mulan, belle, jasmine) figure out how to make the fights stop & start dating about it 
80. just in it for the thrill by @pinkisselfcare is a beautiful soft bittersweet and aching wen qing/wei wuxian fic where they take comfort in each other in burial mounds, bc they're what they have god i love it so much 
81. i was gonna stop for the night but i don't want to forget - just remembered about Gallant is Aroused; Goofus is Horny by david doty - the infamous smutty goofus/gallant fic, yes as in that highlights for children strip. cw for the f slur. 
82. ALSO in that process i remembered snooter, aka hollycomb, the writer of that Sid/Andy toy story epic (Under the Table and Dreaming), compiled in full here 
83. one of my top 10 fave fics of all time is Easy Academy, a multifandom crossover written by multiple people. i made some lifelong friends reading it in 09. i'm glad i read it when i did; it's a nostalgic fave, largely centering on tropes i don't engage with anymore, but bc i
DID read it when i did, and bc i DO love it so much, i reread it often and quote it even more frequently. it's hard to access now i think but was originally posted here  (includes rpf and underage [teacher/student], as well as background stepcest)
84. even MORE impossible to get online is HP fic If You've A Ready Mind. (harry/ravenclaw!draco). maya took it offline when she went pro & while im sure there are still links to the pdf floating around, i'm not sure where they are- mine's stuck on a harddrive w a broken connector
85. snegurochka_lee's Light as Iron, Singed as Pearl (harry potter, harry/draco) was one of the first good bdsm (and pro-domming) fics i ever read! this fic is the reason i started dabbling with writing bdsm myself, actually 
86. zeitgeistic's Golden Age, a harry/draco harry potter fic where they're both re-Sorted into Hufflepuff after the war, is imo foundational, and an earlier example of their underlying environmentalism 
87. to (i think?) cap off all the harry potter fics i'll mention (i'm trying to keep them to a minimum): the pinnacle, the myth, the legend, the quintessence that is blamebrampton's little red courgette
88. You're My Type by syllic is a shawn/gus psych fic where gus is NOT realizing that shawn's the one sending him all the creepy valentines, and shawn is NOT realizing gus bought that new house for them. quintessential them. a delight. 
89. Scars on my Back by Sandel is a fucking DELIGHT of a concept. it's arsyn/catastrophe, as in, yes, the characters selena and taylor play in the bad blood music video. the last line is... perfect. 
90. All The Noise Died Away by only_because3 is another glee zombie apocalypse fic (seriously, i read at least thirty in that fandom & loved them all); this is, i would say, the other pinnacle: all of the deaths (and there are plenty) genuinely hurt 
91. BACK AT IT AGAIN. anyway, there are many lovely bubbeline fics and then there's So we are all growing young by CherryIce, which is a fucking perfect bubbeline fic 
92. i haven't read much atla fic (the few things i'd want to read aren't really there etc etc) but i HAVE read, and loved, retrospect by lupinely. a beautiful take on growing up and polyamory among... many people (sokka/suki/toph, sokka/zuko, zuko/mai). 
93. said he'd love me for the rest of my days by shaekspeares is a Ready or Not (2019) fic about Grace's recovery after everything that happened. then daniel comes back, and they heal together. 
94. Comfortable, Interesting by @quigonejinn has stuck with me since the first time i read it. i've read it probably 13 times now? (i'm not gonna say much about it beyond the fact that it's CERTAINLY a dead dove fic, so, general warnings for everything.) 
95. Maybe You're the Reason by Clearpearls is a modern wangxian fic where they meet having D/s phone sex. It's a sub lan zhan fic and it is, yes, a wip, but there's just one chapter left and it's hit a point of resolution - very fun 
96. Priceless by impertinence is one of those yuletide treasures that make me so, so grateful that it exists. it's Kat (from 10 Things I Hate About You) and Missy (from Bring It On) meeting in college and hooking up 
97. verseau's wanna feel a different kind of tension (modern wangxian pwp) has such delicious subtle feminization, truly inspirational 
98. do you ever feel like crying about jiang cheng? well, do you? @jiangququ's past tense; future tense will have you doing JUST THAT, ALLOW ME TO INVITE YOU TO ALSO BE KNEECAPPED BY THIS FIC 
99. had a weird time between my phd defense and graduation where i watched all of stranger things in a weekend, read fic for two days straight, & then didn't touch it again. i still remember strix_alba's before the (radioactive) dust settles series fondly 
100. time for me to once more shout about how much i love 1an1an's "Our ambitions" series! it's an ongoing revisiting/retelling of canon wangxian but rule 63 (wwx, lwj, and lsz are all ~genderswapped), with certain associated adjustments. god i love it. 
101. Criteria by incendir is a lovely exploration, mostly spaning wwx's death, of lan sizhui watching people hit on hanguang-jun. the entire series is great (i have not caught up on the more recent ones) but this fic is particularly special 
102. haHA! finally managed to dig up the link to shine on, by anonymous: a one direction rpf au prompt fill where lirry are astronauts (kind of) oh my god it's so achey and gorgeous
103. like strawberries on a summer evening by @jelenedra is an intoxicating kinky polyam (wei ying/lan zhan/jiang cheng/lan jingyi) fic about lan jingyi's reciprocated horn for his coworkers and their boyfriend 
104. the delicious, delicious overstimulation in @idrilka_'s lightning changing hands is.... quite honestly punch-in-the-face phenomenal 
105. okay bear with me on this. The Littlest Orc by smithereen is another example of just how... much and how perfect fanfic can be. it's a disney rpf lotr au where k*vin j*nas is a hobbit and m*ises arias is an orc, and it's, like, soft? and delightful? 
106. @stanmianmian's Where Babies Come From is genius: the PERFECT blend of wwx's ingenuity, blood & knifeplay, comeplay, and mpreg. this is.... the most genius take on wwx getting himself and lwj another baby 
107. ellydash from glee fandom wrote the most consistently amazing fic about the older characters. So You’ve Left Your Fiancé And Moved In With Sue Sylvester is a PHENOMENAL emma/sue fic set during sue's canonical pregnancy 
108. @hansbekhart's Disrupt, Corrupt, and Interrupt Me is an lwj/su she fic set pre-cloud recesses lectures and it is..... phenomenal. such a good exploration of su she's baser motivations. 
109. Would You Like Some Lightning With Your Soup by alyoraShadow is a VERY cute gen domestic post-will of the empress circle of magic fic about sandry, briar, tris, and daja continuing to heal their connection 
110. i have such, such a soft spot for @aubrey_li's In the Dark of the Morning, an aching exploration of some nice and illuminating dreams lwj has after his punishment 
111. Beneath the Trident by kristen999 is probably the only military fic i've ever liked. it's a hawaii five-0 casefic, where danny and steve go undercover with the seals. 
112. we all know how good @northofallmusic's wangxian sci-fi au below the clouds, above the lakes, is, right??? right??? good. i love it so much. 
113. as we also all know, anything gyzym puts his hands on turns to gold. my personal favorite is Curving Like the Ocean Toward You, a hawaii five-0 fic about [checks notes] home renovation as a metaphor. this steve is the perfect amout of unhinged. 
114. i love, so much, any & all creative takes on modern cultivation & plonk's work in this area is unparalleled (i love how much variation there is from fic to fic!). adding parkour just guarantees i'm a goner. thank u plonk for speeding up my heartbeat. 
115. The Balance of Affection by RecessiveJean (great ao3 handle OP) is an enchanted chronicles fic about mendanbar and cimorene adjusting to life together again (really: adjusting to Once More Navigating Expectations(tm)) post-talking to dragons 
116. i love the way @awwxab portrays relationships that aren't quite at the moving-in-together stage yet, and i love love LOVE the take on virginal wwx in "all the trembling ways" 
117. OKAY TIME FOR ANOTHER HEARTBREAKING INSTALLMENT: Lily Remembering by katharine is a giver fic about lily processing jonas and gabriel's departer from the community. haunting and clastrophobic as you would hope a fic from this source material would be 
118. for someone who's never watched the bachelor i love bachelor aus, and @lanwingji's After the Final Rose is a WHOLE delight. the setup, with interview snippets and everything, is refreshing and lovely 
119. recrudescence's Prakriti is a fic that imagines Mary Lennox (from secret garden) and Sara Crewe (from a little princess) meeting each other in the women's land army during ww1 
120. @meitianwei is, like, the grandmaster of chengyi. cloudy eyes (sunshine in my life) is an exquisite offering 
121. We borrow from the winter these by jibrailis is a Little House on the Prairie fic that will give u a whole new appreciation for sleigh sex. it's almanzo/cap garland with background laura/nellie oleson 
122. i've never watched merlin & never was in the merlin fandom. i DID read clysterfuck by bitter_crimson because of the original kink bingo challenge - i wanted to see if anyone could make enemas sexy (to me). this fic.... did. oh boy did this fic do it. 
123. i don't think i have a single ryan/chad (from high school musical) fic on here yet, horrifyingly enough. paperclipbitch's Plunge Your Hands Into The Glitter is a GREAT one of magic spells gone awry (because they weren't needed in the first place) 
124. i am (embarrassingly) a few chapters behind at this point, but i've been following Whistler - @carriecmoney's semi-multimedia, semi-epistolary modern au wangxian wip with excellent juniors content - since chapter one and LOVING it. 
125. i'm gonna pause this list after this one even tho there are still 50+ likes i haven't listed fics for, not bc i don't love more fic but because i have spent MANY HOURS generating this list of a tiny, infinitesimal fraction of the fic i do love. capping off (for now!) with a
self-rec: i've been talking about how much i love modern cultivation worldbuilding, and i'm particularly pleased with the way i characterized a modern take where technology is the antithesis of cultivating: my jyl/wen qing fic "by your garden, your hand": 
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