Do you know how rare it is to see a high school tv show with this much diversity? I- , I can’t believe so many POC actors get to have leading stories and not be background extras to a majority white cast. This is the strongest aspect of #GrandArmy

A thread of my thoughts:
I’m well aware of the writers being mostly white. I don’t endorse them. I’m here to support this cast. For all the teen dramas and high school shows this is one of the most diverse things I’ve seen in years. I wish more POC actors got these opportunities. #GrandArmy
Leila’s struggle between being Chinese, adopted and somewhat Jewish was an interesting arc I wish was developed more, it’s relatable. There is absolutely discrimination within cultures etc where ur made to feel less than for not being totally that ethnicity. #GrandArmy
Do you know how RARE it is to see two Asian characters interacting in a teen drama?? That never happens. POC only happen to be in service of white characters. Leila’s arc across S1 is frustrating.. I wish a Chinese writer got to write for her, white ppl don’t get it #GrandArmy
F*CK MEN. Especially high school guys. They deserve to rot in hell. I’m so sick of them. Everything about the toxic guys in #GrandArmy is done really well. The way they comment on and want to obtain women’s bodies is disgusting. It happens so much. I’m glad this show exposes them
#GrandArmy highlighting the unfair dress codes for females than males is such a serve. A guy can show his arms or chest and nobody blinks but a bra strap, anything too tight and teachers go mad. Maybe y’all should control yourselves.
I cannot believe that teacher called Joey a prostitute. She was garbage for doing that. Sure Joey pushed it with the water but where’s the teacher’s respect at the end of the day, she disgraced Joey in front of everyone and she’s a women, she should have compassion. #GrandArmy
I really liked how Joey highlighted the double standards of school dress codes. It’s the sexualization of female bodies that empathizes this. If men (& some women) would stop attaching sex to body parts it wouldn’t be an issue but they don’t. The problem lies with them #GrandArmy
I hate that the show had a terrorist plot in the first episode who was Muslim. I’m sick of seeing Muslim people be attached to terror. White writers stop with this f*cking sh*t. They also ditched the plot about Sid’s struggles with being brown in America too quickly. #GrandArmy
White ppl don’t understand what it’s like to experience racism when they have power, when they enforce racial systems. I get to highlight casual racism they call Sid “Punjab” etc but it’s aggravating & Sid does nothing cuz racism towards Asians is normalized in society #GrandArmy
It’s good that #GrandArmy highlights that brown people can be discriminatory towards one another. The sad thinking that being trash towards Muslim people or acting differently will make people/cops think Indian people are better? The idiocy. They only see color, nothing else.
This scene. This dialogue. The power it has. Growing up ppl made a lot of assumptions about me, I had no voice. U know what sucks, looking in the mirror as a kid, questioning yourself cuz white kids are racist, cruel, ignorant and can’t shut up. #GrandArmy
The thing is these assumptions they force them, they police them & strip you of any confidence. It’s degrading and it haunts you growing up. I still struggle to talk about things. Sometimes I try, ppl gaslight me, a friend said if I’m too honest I’m looking for pity. #GrandArmy
We should have voices, we should be allowed to be whoever we wanna be, free of judgement and discrimination yet ppl kill that in kids. It’s so hard when your different though and add skin color to that or anything else and it’s exhausting, it breaks your soul. #GrandArmy
George commenting on Leila’s body being diff from white girls and then approving of her diffs after racially fetishizing/profiling her made me angry. I’m glad it’s exposed. Many white ppl do this, thinking if they say they like our diffs it’s somehow okay. It’s not. #GrandArmy
The sad thing is that when you aren’t desired by anyone you’ll be happy when someone makes u feel sexy or wanted. I know the feeling. White is what’s desired by society, anything else isn’t, if it is, it’s exotic & therefore must be conquered. Some ppl are good though #GrandArmy
I wish Leila understood the racism acted upon her, at some glances she does but it’s unbalanced cuz the white writers don’t understand a POC perspective. She’s made to be too guy obsessed but no dick is worth it. I feel for her, I know what it’s like being undesired #GrandArmy
The terrible thing is that Leila also doesn’t learn from any experiences. I hate how she treats Joey. She suffers from an unclear character arc. She thinks everyone should revolve around her. Her experiences are unfair but the writers have her on this horrible journey. #GrandArmy
Gosh, Sid, lol. There’s a story about preferences with LGBT POC that tv shows never access (maybe cuz writers don’t understand) that I think should be written about. Straight white writers don’t get how it is being an LGBT POC in a majority white world.. #GrandArmy
Shocked Sid’s received no racist messages on Grinder. There are aspects of his South Asian story that are well done but his experiences being gay seem too safe.. like he’s written somewhat like a white character cuz it’s not that easy. Not when his skin color is brown. #GrandArmy
Of all the places to hookup, a changing room in a freaking mall with a frosted glass door?? Like no one can hear or see shadows, who wrote this?? Especially with Sid’s backstory. This show needed gay South Asian writers. #GrandArmy
Everything that happened during Episode 3 was really painful. Men like this are an actual disease. F*ck Tim and that cab driver for doing absolutely nothing. F*ck the other two for innumerable reasons. F*ck them all. F*CK THEM FOR BREAKING HER TRUST. #GrandArmy
What’s awful is despite Leila being so unreasonably mean to Joey she asked if George was a decent sexual partner (obviously he wasn’t). He was solely in it for his own gratification. I wish this show didn’t pit girls together over a guy. It’s such a terrible narrative #GrandArmy
Episode 4, Joey’s dissociation was heartbreaking. How no one noticed was disgusting. How everyone acted like nothing was wrong was cruel and vicious. How she suffered in silence made my blood boil. Odessa A'Zion’s acting was devastating. #GrandArmy
Grace is a bitch. After everything Joey did with that f*cking condom for her, like no one would’ve, she should’ve been more respectful. F*cking believe women!! How almost everyone turned on Joey but none of those shitty guys is despicable. #GrandArmy
Men are shit. Bo Orlov sharing Meera’s photos around, even with two guys is wrong. It doesn’t matter if someone sends a nude, you don’t share it. It’s not a prize of what you’ve conquered. U aren’t more of a man for doing that, u are a piece of sh*t for breaking trust. #GrandArmy
Meera is consistently a great character throughout #GrandArmy. I just wish she had a bit more to do but it’s nice to see a South Asian female character in a teen drama, that’s way too rare.
This scene is heartbreaking. How Joey’s sisters found out about what happened to her, I assume through school? is unfair. Her white narrative was taken away from her. No sister should have to have these conversations when men cannot understand boundaries and respect #GrandArmy
It’s clear #GrandArmy was written by a straight white woman because no brown Asian would compare their struggles with their sexual identity to a bomb (of which literally went off in the show). I get the metaphor they went but it’s too on the nose and more so it’s offensive.
This is causal bullying embedded into society. It’s one of many that feels like a joke but makes people uncomfortable, more so making people less likely to feel safe. It’s also just rude. Not everything is about sex. It’s realistic though. #GrandArmy
I completely agree with the criticism that Dom was given way too many struggles to endure. One problem on top of another and all for her to juggle alone?? absolutely unfair. Sometimes it’s realistic but here it comes across excessive. #GrandArmy
Please don’t change for men. FFS. Literally no one is worth it. #GrandArmy
Sid is a Harvard smart student yet can’t comprehend who shared his letter despite leaving his laptop wide open?? This is stupid writing. Also I’m sick and tired of gay characters being outed. Move on straight white writers. Stop using this trope. #GrandArmy
How did Leila take all the good things the rabbi say and twist them so insanely?? The writers are mad for doing this and everything that followed. Shame after any kind of sex shouldn’t be there, this was good but forgotten by poor characterization and storylines. #GrandArmy
How can the writers allow their only lead Chinese character to be so poorly written?? Every time you think she can redeem herself she gets worse. It’s nonsensical to think Rachel wasn’t there for her. The writers need to brainstorm better, this isn’t craft a psycho. #GrandArmy
I’m not saying every POC character has to be perfect. That’s not reality however there’s a certain responsibility when Asian characters are always absent in high school tv shows to give them some depth. Obviously Amalia Yoo is talented & worked with what she had well.
I also want to say that Sid’s name is Siddhartha and not once in the show does any try to say it, besides his parents. Not every POC can shorten their name to make it white ppl friendly. Learn to pronounce & respect non-English names. It’s called respect. This is lazy. #GrandArmy
Dom’s interview scene is fantastic because of Odley Jean’s talent. It’s interesting to see great writing here when #GrandArmy creator Katie Cappiello bullied the POC writers.. How she used black women’s perspective to her advantage instead of listening to black writers is gross
Andy Parker, a white man was allowed to pen these scenes?? But not a Black woman?? That’s racist. You cannot give credit to white ppl for taking Black perspectives for their own gain. Black Anger was exploited by them. U cannot gatekeep black experiences from black ppl #GrandArmy
It’s really horrible how Dominique is basically echoing the sentiments of the Black and POC writers on #GrandArmy but in a different context. Representation behind the camera also matters. Odley Jean is so talented 💕 the only thing that matters here.
I feel this echoes truth cuz the experiences of POC aren’t understood by white therapists, our family backgrounds & cultures mean we have a very diff set of expectations and ways of life. Not everyone can be prescribed or treated as if they are white. #GrandArmy
I stand by the criticisms of #GrandArmy & the POC writers. I can only imagine what they went through. It feels like the white writers used the POC writers as lab rats, taking whatever before discarding them. It’s clear it didn’t all work cuz white ppl can only do so much copying
Whoever was in charge of lighting failed here. There are ways of lighting Black and Brown actors in scenes that need to be dark! This doesn’t do justice to the acting. I’m happy that Sid had Meera to talk to after he was outed. She’s a great sister, take notes others. #GrandArmy
The straight writers making Sid think the one bisexual (which is briefly mentioned) friend he has, Victor, would out him need to be slapped into reality. Sure he was panicking but this isn’t the way. It undermines whatever they were setting up between the two. #GrandArmy
This so called LGBTQ community he speaks of, where is it?? It feels like it’s only really accessible the conventionally attractive, ab ready white gays and the certain exotic but white appealing guy.. I do wish tv shows would explore gay friendships and community. #GrandArmy
I’m not being rude by saying this cuz it’s true that many gay characters on TV r white & only interact with white ppl. In society white gays make up a dominating presence.. I’ve never seen proper Asian (and all kinds of Asian) gay characters so.. I’ll question it. #GrandArmy
The thing is Sid’s gayness lacks a perspective that’s truly South Asian (Indian). He’s written w/ experiences of a white character.. If reality proves anything it’s not easy for gay POC to fit into the white gay world. Just look at Twitter for people’s Grindr receipts. #GrandArmy
Joey’s arc across the season is uncomfortably realistic. I hope it shines a light on how men abuse their power in friendships, take advantage of trust and suffocate women (it doesn’t matter what she did) yet still have the audacity to not know what they did wrong. #GrandArmy
Casual homophobia and racism from these two dicks, another aspect #GrandArmy does get quite right. Probably because the white perspective is easiest for them to access
Down with the plots about gay teens stringing along their girlfriends. Especially after having sex. The idea that that’s their only way to feel normal is so wrong. We need to be done with that trope. Flora is lovely and deserved more of a plot than girlfriend. #GrandArmy
The writers seeing Sid’s parents as only worried about how he is expressing himself is a bit too shallow. I wish a South Asian writer could tap into the complexities of traditional Indian parents’ inability to understand what gay means beyond these stereotypes. #GrandArmy
This father invalidating Sid’s sexual identity is so cruel/stupid cuz he just accepts things later on when he gets into Harvard?? It’s unclear & poorly handled. No parent regardless of how much they love a child knows who they truly are. We all create a facade to play. #GrandArmy
That facade is dictated by how ur parents treat you. So much can be compartmentalized away because of strictness or a set of values they want u to adhere to which makes u uncomfortable to even express yourself. There’s so many ways to explore these things if they tried #GrandArmy
This writing here was interesting. I like the aspects of parents loving the idealized version of their child they create. It’s not always the truth. People never figure themselves out so quickly, the writers should have allowed Leila to grow without any boy drama. #GrandArmy
This line is important (a double edged sword) for us immigrant kids. It’s true. It affects us a lot. Bullying and racism in schools is rampant. They touched on that a bit. But she’s adopted and it’s not like her parents weren’t doing the best the could... #GrandArmy
I watched Instant Family a while ago & a big message was that as long as you love the kids, that’s what matters cuz regardless of differences they need foster parents. Perhaps if her parents tried to include her Chinese background in life things could’ve been easier #GrandArmy
I don’t think Leila’s anger is unjustified though, they just needed to explore it beyond that argument otherwise it doesn’t equate to anything.. her entire arc just went in circles.. #GrandArmy
This scene was great but they cut it short in favor of Leila’s stupid bomb threat which is such a waste. To me, it feels embarrassing because I can’t forget how the POC writers were treated with this show. John Ellis is pretty well done character though. #GrandArmy
It’s annoying how only the Black kids in this show keep getting in trouble. Owen and Jayson’s plot feel wasted. They start with such potential, you never see kids like them playing music on a teen drama. Why couldn’t they be young black boys happily playing jazz? #GrandArmy
I understand Leila’s frustration at being ridiculed by the other Chinese girl but this is uncalled for. I hated this scene. Only white people really speak like this. There’s nothing wrong w/ students speaking their native language. She just becomes as bad as the others #GrandArmy
My heart broke for Joey here. The way all of them gaslight her is extremely painful to watch, especially Tim’s stupid sister who is so cruel to her and then only believes her after she leaves when Tim confesses he witnessed everything and stayed f*cking silent. #GrandArmy
The scenes with Joey at the new school highlighted a really important idea of how porn glamorizes sex. The idea that’s what men think they’ll get and then try to have.. I think her storyline had the greatest care (beyond some of the more graphic scenes in Ep 3&4). #GrandArmy
This scene is how all sexual assault on tv should be handled, simply by talking if/when ur ready. I feel it’s extremely unnecessary to film these sequences. Who the FUCK doesn’t know that rape is bad?? U do not have to prove it with painful, triggering scenes. #GrandArmy
Omar is a really lovely character who I wish had more development. A genuinely decent guy (one of the rare few) who deserved more than to be toyed with by Leila. We also never see Pakistani characters in teen dramas so I was happy to see that. #GrandArmy
Dom’s friends were the best! They constantly supported her despite the writers giving her too much to juggle (to the point she was staying up so damn late). John Ellis was a great love interest. Dom was easily my favorite character. Odley Jean did a brilliant job 💕 #GrandArmy
The biggest problem of Dom’s arc was her mom and sister realizing 8ish eps later they were asking too much of her. The whole marriage for money plot was really too much. I think she deserved to be a happy teenager and enjoy her life. She didn’t need to be a superhero #GrandArmy
U can make statements about injustice towards black students white writers without needing to have them SUFFER to prove your points. Sure sometimes these things happen but 9 eps is too much. Yes everyone in the show is suffering but it’s all at diff levels and it shows #GrandArmy
I’m happy Sid and Victor got their moment (in the finale) 💕 I hope in the future gay couples can be shown as normally as straights. Yes they go through things like family struggles/coming out but all those eps spent on them leave so little time for actual happiness #GrandArmy
when a white writer’s voice pushes through onto the character #GrandArmy
I’m so sorry this thread is insanely long, if anyone read this far, thank you and apologies. I think the show has some strong aspects and others that can be criticized. It doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy parts of it etc. It was so nice to see so many POC characters 😭 #GrandArmy
I watched this solely to support the POC cast and they were so talented. Imagine the opportunities for them if Hollywood actually cast high school tv shows (or anything) diversely instead of for tokenism. #GrandArmy is flawed but it has moments.
You can enjoy the show but there are reasons it’s being criticized which are valid. Both can co-exist. It’ll depend on your experiences if you recognize the flaws. I know I tweet too much, I just always have so many ideas and thoughts I wanna get out. #GrandArmy is on Netflix btw
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