[1/4]Conservative media are trying to attack Biden with pictures of his son with a crack pipe. My brother died from crack. That picture is tragic. I think anyone whose actually been affected by addiction can agree this was the most irresponsible, unethical approach @nypost
[2/4] could have ever taken, let alone @RudyGiuliani

I never expected that they would get this ugly. Whatever, politics, Ukraine, whatever... but to attack someone publicly based on their addiction, for the purpose of further stigmatizing addiction, when
[3/4] our country struggles with #addiction, I mean this is truly the lowest of the low. It’s despicable that high level people are sharing stolen pictures of a struggling family member in an effort to smear the opposition.

It’s gross that people
[4/4] I know are sharing those pictures. If you shared those pictures, guess what, YOU’RE gross. This epidemic can happen to anyone, regardless of politics, and the context these pictures are trying to paint is based on a high level of ignorance regarding substance use disorder.
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