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The first queen to rule alone in the Islamic World was Armenian, Shajar al-Durr.
Taj Mahal was built for an Armenian, Mumtaz Mahal.
Armenian merchants of the Ottoman Empire were the first to bring coffee to Europe, thus it was called Turkish coffee.

Armenians opened the first coffeeshops in Paris, Venice, Amaterdam, Vienna and Prague.
The oldest Armenian diaspora has been in Jeruselem, they lived there since the 5th century.

The Armenian Quarter occupies 14% of the Old City.
Between 140-55 BC, Armenia was the strongest empire to Rome’s east.

Tigranes the Great, King of Kings, ruled from sea to sea all Syria and Palestine, transported whole Greek cities, overthrew Seleucids and was honored by all princes of Asia.
Armeno-Turkish was used by the elites of the Ottoman Empire, the Armenian alphabet fits the Turkish language perfectly. Not to mention that the first novel to be published in Ottoman Turkish was written using Armeno-Turkish.
Badr al-Jamali, Armenian vizier of the Fatimid caliphate, ruled shortly over Aleppo as well, started a wave of Armenian immigration to Egypt which affected the architectural style of the Islamic Fatimid period. He was the first of a series of Armenian viziers.
Trdat the Architect of Bagratid Armenia reconstructed Hagia Sofia’s dome by 994 after Greek architects failed to do so, the cathedral was torn from top to bottom as a result of a great earthquake in 989.
Mimar Sinan, the Great Architect is Armenian and/or Greek.
The Armenian Balyan family of 5-generation architects, constructed major buildings of Ottoman Constantinople during the 18th and 19th centuries.
Karim Ohan, born in Diyarbekir in 1904, became the director of Public Security (PSD) in Jordan.
Charles Aznavour, one of France’s all-time favourite singers and of the world’s best-selling music artists (180-200 million records during his lifetime), also called France's Frank Sinatra.
Leo V, the Last King of Armenia, was named the Lord of Madrid in the 14th century.

Thus, Madrid, according to the law of that time, became the capital of Cilician Armenia for a short time.
[2010] [not up-to-date]
Armenian Population & Diaspora
🇦🇲 3M
🇷🇺 >2M
🇺🇸 >1M
🇫🇷 600K
🇬🇪 400K
🇱🇧 250K
🇸🇾 150K
🇺🇦 150K
🇮🇷 100K
🇦🇷 100K
🇹🇷 80K (excluding crypto-armenians)
🇨🇦 50K
🇩🇪 40K
🇦🇺 40K
🇧🇷 40K
🇧🇬 30K
🇮🇶 20K
🇬🇷 10K
🇪🇬 10K
🇯🇴 <5K
🇵🇸 3K
+ [continued]

Artsakh 150K
🇺🇿 50K
🇧🇪 40K
🇳🇱 40K
🇪🇸 40K
🇹🇲 31K
🇬🇧 20K
🇺🇾 15K
🇰🇿 14K
🇸🇪 13K
🇧🇾 9K
🇦🇹 6K
🇱🇻 5K
🇦🇪 5K
🇵🇱 5K
🇨🇭 5K
🇭🇺 4K
🇮🇹 4K
🇷🇴 2K
🇲🇩 2K
🇨🇿 2K
🇳🇴 2K
🇪🇹 2K
🇱🇹 1.5K
🇪🇪 1.4K
🇩🇰 1K

The first Prime Minister of Egypt, Noubar Pasha (16 April 1894 – 12 November 1895)
Agop Dilâçar (Hagop Martayan), Armenian linguist, the first Secretary General and head specialist of the Turkish Language Association. He was proficient in 22 languages. With other Armenians, they were part of the team that created the Modern Turkish Alphabet.
Aram Khachaturyan, one of the leading composers and the three greatest musicians of the Soviet Union (alongside Shostakovich and Prokofiev), he is the composer of the famous Sabre Dance (1942)
Sir Catchick Paul Chater, British-Indian of Armenian descent, Senior Unofficial Member of the Executive Council (1896-1926) and the Legislative Council (1900-1906) of Hong Kong. His career and legacy cannot be even listed in one tweet.
Raymond Damadian invented the first MR scanning machine.
Avie Tevanian was primarily responsible for developing NeXTSTEP, he redesigned it to become macOS.
Yuri Oganessian, the world’s leading researcher in super-heavy chemical elements, in addition to his 11 inventions, 300 scientific papers and monograph, he discovered the following chemical elements:

Calouste Gulbenkian (Mr. Five Per Cent) was a British-Armenian business, the first to exploit Iraqi oil, one of the richest people in the world when he died, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Portugal was founded by his will.
Komitas, Armenian priest, musicologist, composer, arranger, singer and choirmaster, founder of the Armenian national school of music and one of the pioneers of ethnomusicology. Despite the genocide, he saved the cultural heritage of Western Armenia in collecting and publishing.
Sayat-Nova, Armenian poet and musician who wrote in Armenian, Georgian, (Azeri) Turkish and Persian languages, not to mention the multilingual poems he wrote. He’s considered as one of the greatest poets.
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