The problem is that the govt & vendors have exclusive access to the evidence & Florida lacks meaningful manual audit & recount laws, so we can’t know if Liberty County was hacked or not. Why not write about that instead of critiquing those w/ legitimate concerns? 1/
2/ Meanwhile, the supervisor of elections for Liberty County was arrested this year for misappropriating funds for her personal use since August 2016.
3/ Supposedly she was a Democrat. Who was willing to do illegal stuff to get money. I have no idea if Liberty County’s election #s were rigged for Trump or not, but to pretend that the system itself isn’t rigged (to keep this info unknowable) is irresponsible journalism.
5/ And look who apparently didn’t respond to a public records request about election hacking: Liberty County (there are others too). There’s no transparency. It’s shameful that any journalist would use their platform to defend this system.
6/ This is not the only possible interpretation of these numbers. We need transparency & oversight.
7/ One way to provide at least some oversight is to compare precinct totals (as shown on election night poll tapes) & compare them to reported totals. If you can help photograph poll tapes after polls close, pls sign up for #PhotoFinish at . TY.
9/ Note: post 6 is Lafayette County, not Liberty.
10/ Remember this? “By August [2016], the US Intelligence community had reported that Russian hackers could edit actual VOTE TALLIES, according to 4 of Obama’s snr advisors.” #Rigged by @davidashimer

Of course u don’t remember it. Our govt didn’t tell us. #ElectionTransparency
11/ Remember when @Comey and others assured us that vote tallies could not be hacked bc voting machines supposedly never connect to the internet? THEY WERE WRONG. #RemoveTheModems #ProtectOurVotes cc: @JocelynBenson @WI_Elections @FLSecofState
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