Just 189 of 458 buildings in the ACM programme have completed remediation in 3 years. The target for full completion was June 2020.

Instead of trying spin this as a success, ministers should be learning from what went wrong - especially as the next programme has c2500 buildings https://twitter.com/team_greenhalgh/status/1317329381090537472
What the government proved with its efforts to get building owners to pay is that it can only succeed with the lowest hanging fruit, and even then usually only if a warranty provider or developer steps in. It also takes an unacceptably long time.
They have now made this job harder, by proving that they will provide funds rather than take punitive measures if the owner refuses to act, and that they are content for leaseholders to pay if push comes to shove. Where is the incentive for an owner to pay?
Pay up front, claim back from those responsible, levy developers. Anything else and this is a problem that never gets fixed.
I mean this is basically the problem in a nutshell. Everything the government has done for three years has indicated to these people that they will NOT pay a price... https://twitter.com/team_greenhalgh/status/1317384180586717184?s=19
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