Both-sides-ism isn't acceptable in the Armenia-Azerbaijan war. It's also not how you reach #NKPeace, a thread (1/24)
I understand many, especially the international media, are inclined to consider "both sides" and try not to fall into the pit of war support. Here's why this is the wrong, if not the worst, way to approach this war now. (2/24)
Both side-ism might have been a worthwhile lens for the first war where rising nationalist during the USSR regime collapse and the ethnically mixed population of the region made both countries do very questionable things. (3/24)
But now the situation is significantly more unbalanced in moral justification. The continuation of this brutal war is only in the interests of one side— #Azerbaijan. (4/24)
Nagorno-Karabakh has changed. Now we have two generations in #Artsakh that were born into land that they did not make any choices for. These generations deserve every right to live a peaceful life in their homes for years to come. (5/24)
For Armenians, liberating #Artsakh has been an existential victory, the answer to the Armenian Genocide, and its independence under an Armenian government is a guarantee of safety for the thousands of Armenians living there. (6/24)
As a winning side, our society had little reason to promote hate towards Azerbaijan. At the same time, we ended up normalizing and romanticizing war as a coping mechanism for the atrocities we faced as a result. An unfortunate consequence of living in a war torn country. (7/24)
For #Azerbaijan, for the past 30 years, this psychological militarization has been happening as well, but on a much more rapid scale. There's 2 main reasons behind this. (8/24)
First, more obvious reason, was that #Azerbaijan was the losing side, and therefore ended up adopting revenge as its official national ideology. Revenge sparks more hatred than any other feeling an Armenian can have in this case. (9/24)
Second reason is that, even compared to the old Armenian regime, Azerbaijan has been a straight up monarchic dictatorship. For a dictatorship, keeping a population poor and having a country to blame all the country's problems on is a gold mine. (10/24)
This is why the 600,000+ Azerbaijani refugees that the first war created have been barely taken care of by the government and instead been told to make hopes for Karabakh reconquest. (11/24)
Propaganda is huge too; here's a 🇦🇿 kindergarten teaching kids "who the enemy is". I can't say Armenian education is the most objective, and not filled with subtle elements of hatred, but it is not as openly systematic and extreme as what I had been seeing in Azerbaijan. (12/24)
Note when I say Armenians won I mean they won the territory. No one won that war, just like no one will and has won any war. Everyone, other than people in power, lost. (13/24)
Okay, back to both side-ism. Here's some things that doesn't come down to both sides: (14/24)
Ethnic cleansing of the Armenian population by #Azerbaijan, whether officially or unofficially, is highly likely if not guaranteed if it were ever to get access to the entirety of the region. (17/24)
So when if you're gonna say things like "There's no clear proof of who started it" or "Both sides accuse each other of this", you're not being "objective" or "peace loving", you're being a fool, regardless of whether you are an individual or a "journalist". (19/24)
After you pressure Azerbaijan into stopping its war, feel free to criticize both #Armenia and #Azerbaijan for their incompetent, careless, and nationalist diplomacy of last 30 years; they both deserve it. (20/24)
Even then, there will not be a perfect diplomatic solution where we all hold hands and live together happily ever after. You have to get out of that mindset and actually be realistic with the realities of war and its implications. (21/24)
Unlike the diaspora in 🇬🇪, Armenians and Azerbaijanis in #NagornoKarabakh have failed to coexist. After this war, this will be the case for a long time. Allowing both nationalities to live under a government of one of the nationalities will not work. (22/24)
I sincerely hope that by the end of this, there will be an internationally recognized, independent #Artsakh (which is smaller yet encompasses the NKAO) that is protected not just by our troops, but by the superpowers that have been letting people die for these past years. (23/24)
On the other end, I hope Azerbaijanis can finally find peace from the losses of the first war that so greatly fuels their hatred and very very very very slowly our nations will have a generation that will not know what a Grad missile is and can talk about collaboration. (24/24)
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